Show Me A Little Shame

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Dummy Spits, World News and Events

Anybody who watched Monday night’s episode of 4 Corners would be as appalled as I am that the situation in Syria is continuing on, with the rest of the world watching, mildly interested, but mostly apathetic.

And a warning, this post contains images that should disturb….

For those that missed it, it can be summed up quite simply… Torture, brutality, torture, inhumanity, torture, and misery, with a bit of torture thrown in for good measure.

In Syria, the regime that is running the country make Saddam Hussein look like Santa Clause. It is clear that there is systematic torture happening on a grand scale. Unmistakably clear.

What pisses me off in all of this, is that we do nothing. By we, I mean the West. We are big on talk and finger pointing, but at the end of the day, we would far rather have committees to discuss things for months on end, and official enquiries etc. Then a vote at the UN, next time they meet, which will decide whether anybody helps these poor souls or not. This will invariably be voted down by Russia, China, and Israel, America will back the Israeli’s every time and vote no, and nothing will happen.

So, what do we do? We shrug and go “that’s sad, I’m glad I wasn’t born there”…. Then we get some ice cream out of the freezer, forget what we just saw, and settle down to watch Julie Bishop look like an idiot, once again, on Q&A.

What does it take to get people angry these days? Have we, as a society, become that apathetic? Is human life that cheap?

What the 4 Corners program missed, that may have helped anger the public enough to act out and starting a campaign is this… animals were reportedly harmed.

Yes, there are thousands upon thousands of men, women, and even children being tortured, right now as you read this. Last night we saw images of 10 year old kids who had been battered within an inch of their lives, 12 year old kids with their bones crushed, teeth knocked out, penis cut off, then riddled with bullets. We heard stories of girls as young as 12 being raped and then tortured, old men having their teeth ripped out with pliers.

All these things are terrible beyond words, but what will probably upset people the most, is that I have it on good authority, that during these months of upheaval, at least one dog, and a couple of cows, like in the pictures below, may have been harmed.


I do not want to make light of the battle for the humane treatment of animals, far from it…But what I find truly disturbing is, knowing that last night, as I watched video of people being tortured and beaten in virtually the same manner as the cattle in Indonesia, that next week nobody will be talking about it, whereas we were still talking about the cattle program months later.

I think we as a society, have taken a wrong turn somewhere, when the poor treatment of animals in abattoirs gets more of a public outcry than the wholesale torture of people. Also, don’t bother with that animals are helpless argument either, a 10 year old child is just as helpless, especially when confronted with 12 troops from a brutal regime.

Something else that really gets under my skin, is when we see politicians visiting sites like the concentration camps in Germany and Poland, and when they say things along the lines of making sure this “Never Happens Again”…. What utter crap…. we see it over and over, in Africa, in the Middle East, all over ther world, and both sides of politics seem to agree on doing nothing, the apathetic approach seems to have bipartisan support world-wide…. One of those lucky rare things I guess….

Let me tell you, if Hitler was alive today and slaughtering Jews, he would have no trouble keeping right on going…. The UN would stuff about trying to form a resolution to sit down and meet to get another resolution for an agreement to put forward a ballot to allow debate on the matter at the next meeting so that a resolution may be formed……………………..grrrrrrrrrrrr

These horrendous memorials to genocide are supposed to serve as a grim reminder to world leaders so this doesn’t happen ever again…….. but yet it does, almost daily it seems… In Syria currently, it is daily, every minute of every day….

I don’t want to be a heartless bastard, but I do hope that a cow was hurt in Syria, maybe then something will actually get done…..

  1. wrb330 says:

    Big nail you hit on the head there Wixxy.
    Lets take it one step further…. lets also remind people that the UN Security Council which was originally set up to protect the world from inhumane atrocities is populated by 5 of the worlds biggest arms dealers.
    Dealers that sell to these nations with full knowledge of what these weapons are used for at the time they strike their bargains.

    Arent we so smug and self rightous in our deliberate ignorance of the greed driven horror show we call international relations.

    Good job bloke, keep punching.

  2. There are many things like this happening today. WE as americans tend to want to favor animals over humans simply because we have never really had to endure the pain and poverty and some of us believe that since we live in such a secure country that that will never happen. Some of us also like to hide feelings when it comes to matters like this. I for one have actually endured some of the pain you have seen in the images above. My father was abusive..terribly so. So i can understand their pain, and i want to help, but one person will make little difference. We as americans all need to help, but the problem is is we do not have our priorities straight. As of right now we are balls deep in debt. We would rather spend shit tons of money on NASA instead of helping out foreign countries or even with ourselves like AIDS or cancer treatment. Our priorities have been slipping in the course of about a decade..maybe even way earlier than that. Our economy is in shambles and we are in no position to help..but if WE don’t help…who will? there may be organizations out there to help these people but one, two, or twenty or even a hundred people isn’t enough. And yes the whole stupid shit about hitler and the whole “this will never happen again” happens EVERYDAY. they need to stop shoving propaganda down our throats and face the facts! look at serial killers, rapists, dictators..they ALL do this shit. Really, is America a perfect nation? no. Not like we say it is. The truth is, we have all gotten selfish and have turned our faces away from who and what is really suffering. We have gotten so caught up in the idea that we are such a great nation that we believe nothing is going to harm us and we don’t have to live like the poor foreign countries we hear about on television. I firmly believe that if this so called “Great Nation” went through just a couple of seconds through what these other countries have gone through, we would be singing a totally different song.

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Kaitlyn, Thanks for your feedback.
      I did the post after an Australian current affairs show, 4 Corners did an excellent story on the goings on in Syria. It had some shocking footage and I fail to see how anybody who watched it could not be outraged.
      A few months ago the same programme also did an excellent, but shocking piece on the treatment of cattle in abbotoirs in Indonesia, it included some terrible footage.
      The outrage from the cattle episode caused mass outrage all over the country, and caused the government to put a ban on all live cattle exports to Indonesia while new laws were passed, and better cattle tracking was implemented to make sure Australian cows could only end up in approved abbotoirs.

      I’m not saying anything bad about Animal Rights activism, I have done a few posts on the inhumane treatment of animals myself, but it is depressing that as a society we don’t seem to value the lives of humans as much, as the reaction to this type of footage is nowhere near the reaction to an animal cruelty story. I think this is sad….

      Thanks again for your feedback Kaitlyn, it is appreciated

  3. You’re welcome wixx. I only wanted to give my opinion, yes it is an outrage to have humans care so much about animals instead of their own kind. I may only be sixteen, but it is still no excuse to have people be treated the way they have been treated and we all know that it has been going on for thousands of years with the jews and slavery…but we get so worked up about serial killers and rapists and terrorists..who are we to judge? we do it every single day. I just believe that we all need to take a glance into the mirror and recognize who we really are as a society today.

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