Take The Power Back

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Politics

On Wednesday night in NSW, a stunning event occurred, it involved a sell out, and a celebration.

Celebrating were the likes of Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart, and so on….

Selling out were the Greens…. let me explain.

On Wednesday night a bill was to be passed through the NSW parliament by Barry O’Farrell and the Liberals, with the backing of the Christian Democrats. This bill changes the way that political advertising and funding work in NSW, for the worse.

The bill bans donations to political parties from Unions, Community Groups such as charities like Greenpeace, and the Wilderness Society, as well as corporations.

It then goes on to prevent unions from pooling funds for their own political advertising, such as the “Your Rights At Work” Campaign, or the campaign against the Liberals “Workchoices” legislation, which was so despised by the public that it is apparently now  “Dead, Buried and Cremated”. At least according to the self confessed liar that is the parties leader, until Malcolm gets some guts again…

You may think that all that sounds reasonably fair, however the legislation also allows individuals to donate up to $1 Million dollars to a political party. Hmmm I wonder which party will make the most from those donations.

The Greens did this deal with Barry O’Farrell and Fred Nile, of the Christian Democrats. For those of you who don’t know Fred Nile, he is the MP who every year tries to ban the Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras, and when that fails each year, holds prayer groups in Hyde Park before the event to pray for rain, hoping to ruin it…. In his spare time he speaks out against Islamic beliefs, and is hell bent (pardon the pun) on banning the Burqua….

Fred Nile and homophobes protesting at Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras Sydney

Nice choice of friends…

I wonder what carrot was dangled in front of them…. How could Bob Brown let the NSW Greens sell out not only their supporters, the states workers, and ultimately themselves like this?

Should we now refer to Bob Brown as Bob Brown Tongue? If the shoe fits…..

Do these morons not realise that these corporations that have been banned are run by individuals to whom a $1 Million dollar donation is a drop in the ocean?

Rupert Murdoch will be handing out Million Dollar cheques to friends, family, and co workers to hand over to the Libs.

As we all knew it would one day under the Coalition, the government of NSW is about to be privatised and owned by a boardroom full of rich folk. A true Manchurian government.

The Greens this week have shown us that all their talk of principal, actually amounts to shit. They are a party that will sell out to the highest bidder at the most crucial moments.

I sincerely hope that The Labor Party will consider this come election time and stop giving Bob Brown Tongue and his band of hypocrites any preferences.

Pauline Hanson has more integrity, at least she sticks to her principles.

I weep for the future….

If you feel as strongly about this as I do, please sign this online petition, we need as many signatures as possible… http://www.nswalp.com/home/we-won-t-be-silenced/

Please share, repost, retweet or whatever… just spread the word, we need this legislation overturned.

  1. Aurore says:

    “You may think that all that sounds reasonably fair, however the legislation also allows individuals to donate up to $1 Million dollars to a political party. Hmmm I wonder which party will make the most from those donations.”

    Whatever the merits of this bill your statement here is patently untrue. Caps for donations for individuals are $5,000.

    There was also an amendment moved to the bill that WILL allow campaigns such as “your rights at work” – ie issues based campaigns whose primary function is not to support a party but to raise an important issue.

    There are strong arguments to make against this bill impinging unfairly on the structure of only one political party, and potentially curtailing the power of workers to have a say in politics in NSW.

    Get your facts right and argue the politics, not the person.

    • wixxy says:

      Facts are correct… I can donate whatever I like, all I need is a few friends….

      Individual Unions are rarely able to do that, regarding campaigns, that is why they join with Unions NSW to help fund, this is no longer allowed due to this legislation.

      I mention names, but my attack is on the party, who have sold themselves ou.

      It is ironic that at Federal level Adam Bandt is pushing for same sex marraige, while in NSW the Greens are backing Fred Nile, the countries biggest homophobe….

  2. Signe says:

    Please read the media release below before you condemn the Greens completely, there is often more than is reported in the media. Take particular notice of Para 3 & 4. Also my reading of the bill is that it will be illegal for corporations to do as you suggest handing out bundles of money to individuals to donate, that will be a lot of cheques at $5,000 a piece.
    As we supported the Mining resources tax put forward by labor as being a good starting piont one might just consider this is also, in that instance it was Labor who took the low road. Wixxy I applaud your passion but sometimes to achieve some goals we must find a starting point that doesn’t reach our ideals but gets us on the road.

    Media release: 15 September 2012

    Greens NSW MPs will be voting to ensure the passage of Barry O’Farrell’s election funding legislation that enacts the key Greens principle of banning donations from corporations, unions and other organisations, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

    Donations spokesperson John Kaye said: “Just as we supported Labor’s 2010 legislation that capped spending and donations and banned tobacco, alcohol and gambling businesses from contributing to political parties, we will now vote for the Coalition’s bill.

    “Although both pieces of legislation are flawed, they each on balance represent a step forward towards the ultimate goal of a political process that is not corrupted by rivers of cash.

    “Disgracefully the Premier refused to meet with the Greens to discuss ways of limiting the impacts on environment organisations and unions.

    “He has made his partisan agenda quite clear.

    “We will not be supporting amendments unless the government indicates they will not result in the Bill lapsing.

    “While we have a number of important changes to the Bill that would take away some of the unnecessary and damaging restrictions on third parties, we do not want to give the Premier any excuse to run away from the reform agenda.

    “We will also be voting against Opposition amendments just as we voted against the Coalition’s amendments to the 2010 bill.

    “Curing the Liberal, National and Labor parties of their addiction to corporate funding is too important to play politics with the future of this bill.

    “All Greens MPs and party members are united on the need to end corporate and union donations to political parties.” Dr Kaye said.

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Signe,

      Thnaks for your comments, I disagree with most though, except the part about O’Farrell being a disgrace, which makes me wonder why the Grrens backed him….???

      I don’t think 200 cheques is a lot either, aprticularly when talking about people who own corporations that print off thousands a week….

      Greens MP Jamie Parker has changed his vote on this from last time, why? what was the carrot dangled?

      The achanges you refer to were put forward on Wednesday night as a Bill Ammendment and then voted down by your own party… which is a bit odd….

      The bill means that unions cannot pool funds as they all do, Individual unions rarely run campaigns without the backing of Unions NSW…

      This means the Police Federation for example, cannot join with Unions NSW to fight the barbaric changes to their superannuation scheme, but AGL can spend millions on a campaign to promote the benefits of Coal Seam Gas Mining… that seems fair…
      How does this behefit a Greens supporter, it seems to fly in the face of what a Green supporter would/should support…

      It is also ironic that at Federal level Adam Bandt is pushing for same sex marraige, while in NSW the Greens are backing Fred Nile, the countries biggest homophobe….

      • Signe says:

        Wixxy, as I mentioned it’s a start, the Greens would like to ban all corporate donations, we have a strong history on this in NSW, and the Greens haven’t changed their view or their policy, All Greens MPs and party members are united on the need to end corporate and union donations to political parties, in this case which is to support policy not political parties.
        Our policies, the majority of the time, are more in tune with Labor than the Libs, and as Labor is more than happy to have that support you can’t then cry foul when a move is made to support a policy that is closer to a Green policy. We have strong alliances with the Unions; we have worked hard on many issues side by side.
        Personally I see a lot of merit in the Canadian model which has no political donations at all, where funding is from the Govt but neither Labor or the Libs would consider following that model… and why…there is more money in it for them when they control the purse strings.
        I question the 200 cheques… I could be wrong, however I’m pretty sure that doing so is illegal under this legislation… happy to be corrected but feel my info is correct. It is probably also fair to mention the NSW Greens policy on political donations is much stronger than our Greens parties in other states and federally.
        The Greens back policy not parties… as I said most often the policy of the Labor party is more in line with Greens… therefore we support it. Not much you can call backing down on that we are consistent.”

      • wixxy says:

        The cheques are illegal if they come from 1 person, but I could get 200 people to pass one on if I gave them the money, I’m sure Rinehart or Murdoch could too…

        We will have to agree to disagree on this one, although we agree on much…

        I think that silencing the unions, is silencing the only voice that the worker has, whilst allowing the wealthy and the corporates to spend millions on campaigns… this is true class warfare and I think the Greens in trying to take a step forward have actually taken a monumental leap backwards

        How is a worker in a steel mill going to get his view out there now if there is poor work conditions or wage cuts? He once had a voice via the union, now that is gone, and his employer which may be BHP, can spend millions on prime time commercials to get their viw accross. All the worker has to draw upon is his minimum wage.

        It is now David versus 1000 Golliaths, and I don’t think it is in any way fair….

      • Signe says:

        Wixxy, if they can prove that a corporation distributed funds for cheques that is illegal, if I am correct on the legislatiuon, for them to claim it as a tax deduction, which they would they would have to account for the money, it is traceable. No one is going to donate 100,000’s of dollars if they cannot claim the tax benefit…they are greedy organisations.

        workers will still have a voice… be it through other organisations or at the ballot box… we have always supported workers rights and we have rallied for them in the past and will continue to do so… we are a party of the people and proud of that. We are not a party of the corporations and as John puts it their rivers of gold. Is it not still possible for unions to demonstrate and draw attention to their issues without funding a political party…of course there is… and while my head is somewhat foggy after a busy day I’m fairly confident they will continue to do so… just not by depositing $$$$$ in the bank of the Labor machine.

      • wixxy says:

        I understand your theory Signe, and in a perfect world…. but we don’t live in one.

        The Unions now cannot run a campaign, with ot without the Labor Party, that has been the Greens gift to them, a gag….

        As for the ballot box, that is unrealistic, information is everything as you well know, or the Greens would not stand where they do on media ownership regulations…. The Greens have just silenced the small man, and placed the corporation as the infornmation giver.

        Sorry we can’t agree on this one 🙂

      • Signe says:

        Hi Wixxy, sorry for the delay getting back to you… it’s been a busy weekend 😉
        John Kaye put out another media release which may clear up some misconceptions: While it is lengthy it may at least allay fears that we are not aware of the issues and what remedy’s may be taken in the long term. @Steven…name calling is the best you can do really ;-(

        “In the early hours of Thursday 16 February 2012 Greens MPs voted with the government in the NSW Upper House to bring an end to corporate, union and other organisational donations.

        After a long debate, both in public and within the Greens, the party room agreed to not move or support any amendments that would put at risk the passage of the Premier’s Bill. We did not want to give Premier Barry O’Farrell any excuse to back away from the reform agenda.

        The rivers of cash have come to an end. The historic work of the Greens on highlighting the corrupting influence of corporate and organisational donations has borne fruit.

        Some of the concerns held by many Greens and others about the impacts of the Bill on not-for-profit organisations such as environment and community advocacy groups and unions were addressed by an amendment introduced by the O’Farrell government. This came after strenuous lobbying, backed up by powerful evidence presented to the Upper House Inquiry into the Bill. (See http://j.mp/DonCom for the Inquiry’s report.)

        As a result of this amendment, which passed with the votes of the Greens, money spent with the dominant purpose of promoting issues and not parties or candidates would no longer be electoral expenditure and thus not regulated by the Bill or the Act.

        This has wide-reaching positive implications, including:
        Allowing money to be passed from one organisation other than a party or candidate to another, provided it is not primarily intended to be used to promote or oppose a party. This solves the problems raised by the Asbestos Diseases Foundation, the Cancer Council and Professor Anne Twomey. It removes restrictions on environment and community organisations and unions that run issues-based campaigns through their peak bodies; and
        Allowing unions affiliated to the Labor party to run issues-based campaigns (but not designed to help the Labor party) without their spending being aggregated into Labor’s for the purposes of the limits on total election campaign spending.

        Just as when we worked with the Keneally government in 2010 to put a $5,000 limit on donations to political parties, Greens MPs ended up voting against amendments that we would have strongly supported to ensure that that Bill was passed. This included many of our own amendments, such as improved enforcement mechanisms, that were moved by Labor in a shabby attempt to embarrass us.

        The Bill is not perfect. It leaves open the opportunity for wealthy individuals and corporations, registered as so-called ‘third parties’, to spend up to $1.166 million of their own money promoting a political party. While they cannot now donate to a political party, they can still run their own advertising. Nothing has been done to stop the cigarette manufacturers advertising for whichever political party offers them the weakest tobacco control laws.

        The Greens have been strongly criticised by a number of union leaders and their members for the impacts of the legislation on the political process. They claim that we have created a bias towards wealthy individuals and corporations.

        There are still many steps in the campaign to end the malign influence of money on politics. Combined with the government’s amendments, the legislation is a positive step forward. The Greens will be introducing our own legislation to take the reform agenda to the next stage.
        John Kaye
        Greens member of the NSW Parliament

      • wixxy says:

        Thanks Signe, as per usual you are gracious, and an angel…

        Whilst I understand your intentions, the $1.16Million makes us worse off than previously, what has happened now is that in what was a two way fight, the fighter for the 99% has been silenced and the fighter for the 1% has been strenghthened.

        BTW Signe, ignore name calling, I do…. water off a ducks back 🙂

      • Signe says:

        Hi again, there are going to be issues Wixxy, as you so eloquently said previously it’s not a perfect world and from what I gather at least now the Unions who speak as you say for the workers can have individual campaigns.

        As to the name calling, agreed, I just think it a poor excuse for what could be genuine and useful debate, as you know I”m all in on that even when we might not agree on everything.

  3. Steven says:

    The Greens. The fascists dressed as lefties. Everyday more and more Aussies wake up to their fraud.

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