Waiting For The Bus

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Politics

This week I was trying to think of what the worst thing a government could possibly do was…. Privatise public assets, slash workers compensation to emergency service personnel, not tell a community for 5 days after they were exposed to a deadly chemical spill… Or maybe give a record number of MPs parliamentary secretary positions while cutting the entitlements of every other public servant in the state, it could also be betraying thousands by cancelling their government guaranteed rebates when they tried to do the right thing by going solar… Maybe slashing funds needed to upgrade hospitals like Blacktown and Tamworth all these things would qualify….and all are achievements of the new NSW government.

However, I think we saw the worst in NSW recently under the new Liberal government when they left hundreds of schoolkids stranded with no transport. Oh, and did I mention these kids are disabled?

It is hard to believe that any government, even this sad excuse for one, would leave 740 disabled children stuck at the side of the road. But what is even harder to believe, is that the Minister in charge of this fiasco, Education Minister Adrian Picolli, still has a job. Clearly he isn’t fit to mop Parliament House, let alone sit on the front bench….

Six-year-old Marquinn King, excited about his first day at school, waits with his grandparents Myrna and Sheldon Ross, for the school transport that doesn't come. Pic: David Marshall.

Then again, he does kind of fit in with brain-deads like Robyn Parker….

How did this happen? You may be wondering…. Well, the new Liberal Government decided to renegotiate the contracts with the people who operate the specially equipped vehicles. Desperate to save a few pennies, the government tried its hand at hardball. However the type of community groups that provide this service don’t have a great deal of room to move… Therefore the contracts were not finalised before the the previous ones expired. No contract, no transport…

Piccolli was told of this problem looming last October, yes that’s right, last year. How long does this inept excuse for a politician need to get his act together?

It seems inconceivable that a Minister would not realise that if there were no contracts in place that it would cause a problem. Unfortunately for Adrian Picolli, the magic buses that he thought would appear from the clouds, never showed up, and the kids were left by the roadside in their wheelchairs…

As terrible as that is, it gets worse…. Listening to callers affected on talkback radio made me ashamed to live in this state, as they described what this utter disgrace of a government used as a solution for these poor disabled kids..

Some of you may have seen the footage shown on 4 Corners, and pushed by animal rights activists of the live sheep being shoved into the boots of cars at markets in the Middle East… What happened under the control of the O’Farrell Government, and Adrian Picolli was along similar lines, and is nothing short of an attack on decency and morality.

We knew road safety was high on the O’Farrell agenda when in a vote grab, he promised to decommission some speed cameras…. A week after one of those cameras was removed a speeding ute collided with a truck, which ended up going through a house and killing a sleeping child at Urunga in the states north, right where the camera used to be….

Now we have this, an all new low in road safety…. To try and put a band aid on a gaping wound, we saw from this government makeshift chairs put in the back of station wagons, and disabled kids shoved in. This breach of virtually every road rule in existence was the governments solution. Cattle in this state are transported with greater care….

The future of disabled transport under a Liberal Government?

If I was driving a car with a child in the back like that, I would be made an example of… I would be in court real quick, probably all over A Current Affair as well.

Meanwhile, proud mother, and Community Services Minister, Pru Goward, has found a way to make foster care cheaper for the government. Simple, make the kids pay their foster carers….

You probably think I’m pulling your leg, but alas, if only… Goward and the O’Farrell brigade decided to punish foster carers of children aged 17 and over, by slashing their support payments by $214 a fortnight. These kids apparently don’t need feeding or clothing, and of course teenagers are cheap to bring up….

So Pru suggested to these foster carers, on the ABC Breakfast Show with Adam Spencer, that these carers attempt to make the kids pay them…. There are words I could use to describe Pru at this point, but I will refrain….

It amazes me how things can go so pear shaped in not even a year under an inept government….

If Barry O’Farrell wants to show us any integrity that he may be hiding, he will take away Pru’s ministry, and sack Picolli and call a bi election in his seat, as he is not even fit for a back bench.

Still, at the end of the day, we are really seeing nothing new….

Just another Coalition government attacking the states most needy, and leaving its most vulnerable left stranded.

Queenslanders, please take note….

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  4. Realist says:

    “We knew road safety was high on the O’Farrell agenda when in a vote grab, he promised to decommission some speed cameras…. A week after one of those cameras was removed a speeding ute collided with a truck, which ended up going through a house and killing a sleeping child at Urunga in the states north, right where the camera used to be….”

    Bullshit. The camera was around 1 kilometer from the crash site, and speed has never been determined as a factor. All that was known is the truck driver;s account that the ute crossed to the wrong side of an undivided road (thanks NSW Labor) and caused the accident. I’ve cheked multiple news reports again and none mention a conclusion of speed being the cause, let alone the absence of the camera.

    But I guess making stuff up about dead people is A-OK when it comes to politics eh?

    You suck.

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