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Posted: February 12, 2012 in Politics

This week in the Coalition… in pictures…

 Tony Abbott mentioned something that sounded like policy

 While back in Sydney, Scott Morrison met with his branch and advisors to discuss immigration policy

 Andrew Robb was excited to learn where he may find that pesky $70Billion

 But was disappointed to only discover workchoices documents in there

 At the National Party Headquarters, the search was on for new candidates that were not quite so Angry

 George Brandis tried to come up with another diabolical scheme to bring down Craig Thompson

 Joe Hockey was apparently disheartened when he found that what he thought was a new calculator, turned out to be scissors that only cut large holes in the Coalitions figures…. About 70 Billion of them…

 Gina Rinehart called for volunteers to decorate her new bathroom, and Barnaby Joyce couldn’t get his hand up quick enough…

 Gina was reportedly pleased with Barnaby’s efforts

 Greg Hunt was seen double checking the Coalitions environmental policy

Then triple checking…

 While Julie Bishop was told to try and occasionally force a smile…

Julie was the the first in the Coalition to lend support when she heard of Queensland flooding again, but stayed at arms length from the locals…

 It wasn’t all bad news for the Coalition though. With Q&A back on the ABC again, one coalition member was all excited and desperate to remind us he was still alive. I can’t remember the guys name, but he was seen auditioning for Q&A earlier this week…

 Still, never fear people, if the Coalition manage to win government next election, there is a group of professionals that have allegedly volunteered to jump in and help, should things go pear shaped. A group with far greater economic credentials, and a far better vision for Austarlia.

  1. Catching up says:

    Where is the one that says that the Bishop is sick of playing second fiddle and wants the leading role.

    It is suggested that a makeover is all that is needed, starting with ditching the blond bottle, replacing it with red.

    After all it’s worked for the PM, why not her.

    It is noted that the Bishop did get to ask many questions this week.

    Now this could be that her boss has decided to take a step back and watch from the sidelines, others, including her put the boot in.

    This is the biggest change that Mr. Abbott has done this session. He is not leading in the censure roles that I am certain we are getting every day.

    I am not too sure that the Speaker is not out to put a spoke in his wheel in this regard. Maybe the next sitting we will sees things clearer.

    Mr. Jensen was concerned about the number of similar motions before he stood down.

  2. wrb330 says:

    Mate, nice one, love the compilation.
    Hockey with his scissors is just beautiful.
    Good effort Wixxy.

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