Rhymin’ & Stealing

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Politics

Anybody who has ever watched A Current Affair, or Today Tonight, on a reasonably regular basis will have seen the type of characters I will be writing about today.

I am talking about those blokes they usually show running from the camera, desperately trying to hide their face behind a newspaper.

These are the financial con men who rip off the unsuspecting. Normally these lowlifes target the elderly, trying to rob them of their retirement savings. Many have elaborate investment schemes to suck in the unwary with dodgy speculations of supposed profits.

The lesson to learn is whenever making financial decisions, always look for holes, and always check the fine print.

In 2010, three such conmen decided to go for a bigger prize than a pension cheque, and targeted the whole Australian economy, their names were Tony Abbott, Andrew Robb, and Joe Hockey.

These 3 Stooges, as I like to call them, thought they’d lie and cheat their way into government with their smoke, mirrors, and arrogance routine. They planned to take control, and give all their rich buddies tax breaks and passes on pollution. Buddies like Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Australia’s richest person. Under Labor, Twiggy looks like he will pay tax, the Liberals can’t be having that. Twiggy Forrest openly admitted on the ABCs Lateline that his company, Fortescue Metals, a $Multi Billion mining giant, has never paid tax. Never. Not a cent, ever. Kind of makes you wonder if John Howard and Peter Costello were asleep at the wheel, or just enjoyed the campaign contributions too much.

Whatever the reasons, I’m quite certain that the thousands upon thousands of you out there who own a small business and pay tax would not be happy to hear that the company that gave us Australia’s richest man has paid none.

So, just how did these 3 think they could swindle the Australian public?

Cast your mind back to the lead up to the 2010 Federal Election.

Julia Gillard and the Labor Party had released all of the costings for their policies, and all had been audited and verified by Treasury. This was done well ahead of time.

On the other side, we had Tony Abbott, and his “Gospel Truth Choir” of Andrew Robb and Joe Hockey, taking the economic conservative line and refusing to give their costings to treasury. Just trust us and our figures was the implication. Joe Hockey even suggested that the Treasury Department, an independent body, may manipulate the coalitions figures to look bad.

Even without auditing the Coaltions costings, the press soon uncovered an $11 Billion hole in the Liberals sloppy excuse for budgeting. This put the pressure back on the 3 Stooges to have their numbers checked, scrutinised, and audited by a reputable firm.

Shortly before the election the 3 Stooges fronted the press, all smiles and backslapping each other, they had appointed a firm in Perth who had gone over the Liberals costings with a fine tooth comb, and given it two thumbs up. Joe Hockey went on to explain, several times, that this had been an audit.

So, you may think this is where the story ends, but alas…

Last week it hit the press that the firm involved in Joe Hockey and The Stooges supposed audit, were being a little less than sloppy.

In fact, the fools who fudged the figures were actually fined, finally. Try that sentence fast after a few drinks…

At a Tribunal of The Institute Of Chartered Accountants, fines were handed down of $5000 each to the two accountants involved, as their work failed to state that the procedures used did not constitute an audit, or even a review.

This was sloppy work from the Liberals from start to finish.

It is interesting to note, that even with the dodgy accountants appointed to apply the smoke and mirrors, the Liberal costings still ended up with a $10.6 Billion  black hole, one can only imagine how bad they would have been if properly supervised.

There is no excuse for these 3 conmen of the lowest type, all of whom lied to the public about their poor excuse for costings.

Maybe Peter Costello was right when he told the press that Tony Abbott could not be trusted in matters of finance.

Maybe Tony Abbott himself was right when he said about himself that only those things in writing or in carefully scripted statements can be considered as gospel truth.

Either way, with these 3 at the helm, the Liberal Party has absolutely no financial credibility whatsoever.

So far based on what the Coalition has promised to cut, and what they have promised to keep, they already need to find $70 Billion for their figures, and we still have 2 years to go yet… No wonder Joe Hockey always looks sweaty.

It is now clear The Liberal Party cannot be trusted with our nations finances. These guys are not economic conservatives, they are financial terrorists.

And you can take that to the bank….

  1. Roger Grealy says:

    Important stuff Wixxy; at the time two friends who are financial directors in WA said that the word around Perth was that the people doing the job for the Liberals were highly suspect in their methodology. What a joke Hockey & Robb are in their financial ignorance and trickery.

  2. wrb330 says:

    Great post and very well written,
    Very tired of the “closer to the election” routine Abbott, Hockey and Joyce have been recycling for so long.
    This time around their pants are down and the bare belly is showing for all to see.
    Yet barely a serious ripple in the media, I canot help but wonder would it be so if Labor was identified as lying in such a deliberate and underhanded fashion to grab power over the people.

    Me thinks not.

  3. Rod Teale says:

    Another important thing to note. The accounting firm involved was that of the great Liberal Luminary Sir Charles Court. It was an inside job, dodgy from go to whoa.

    If anything good comes out of this tawdry affair it is that they won’t be able to pull the same stunt again, although you could bet your socks that that are putting together some other dubious arrangement in order to bluff the votors again next time.

  4. kabdoo says:

    And you WON’T see it on ACA….

    Good one Wixxy. 😉

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