Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Politics

The last couple of weeks have been depressing to say the least, actually, depressing is an understatement.

As you are all no doubt aware, NSW, in fact the whole country was rocked by the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire, on Friday 18th November.

I don’t use the term hero lightly, but all of the emergency service personnel who put themselves in harms way that day, are heroes. Every damn one of them.

As for the victims, I cannot imagine the horror of what those trapped in the burning home must have felt.

Imagine waking up with the searing heat against your face, trying to find your way out of the building through smoke so thick you could not see your hand in front of your face, the smoke choking you, every breath burning your lungs as you drew in air so thick with smoke it must have felt like inhaling boiling custard, your ears ringing with the roar of the fire, and the screams of your friends as they burned…. now imagine your grandmother coping with it. It must have been like they imagined hell to be.

The death toll from the fire so far is 10. These were 10 of our most vulnerable citizens, many over 90 years of age, Even for those who survived and are still in hospital, bodies that old don’t heal so quickly, if at all, and suffering from 3rd degree burns is no way to spend the final days, months, or years of your life.

Words of comfort streamed in, from our Prime Minister, and from all over the country.

The NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell was quick to offer his sympathy and support to the victims, and also to offer his praises for the emergency services who attended, the police, firefighters, paramedics, and the nurses caring for the victims.

How hollow Barry O’Farrell’s words must have seemed to those emergency service crews, and to the nurses.

For a Premier to praise these people, these heroes, whilst stabbing them in the back at the same time is totally unprecedented.

These heroes are just some of the many having their future entitlements stripped away by the NSW Liberal Government. For a government that won the election based on a fear campaign of households being unable to cope with cost of living increases under Labor, this Liberal government has put through industrial relations reforms that guarantee these paramedics, nurses, firefighters, as well as tens of thousands of other public service workers, won’t cope with cost of living increases, such as the 18% increase in electricity O’Farrell announced when delivering the budget deficit… I guess that is why Sydney saw the biggest protest in Australia this century, more than 30,000 people protesting against this unfair bill. These were not students protesting either, this was families bitter at being betrayed by the most arrogant Premier NSW has ever seen.

Luckily the police were spared this travesty when the Shooters And Fishers Party used their balance of power to force the Liberals, kicking and screaming, to remove the police force from this disgrace of a bill.

However, Barry O’Farrell was determined in his efforts to screw over the police force. So the Liberal Party put forward another bill that would slash the compensation for police officers injured or disabled on the job.

In fact, just 4 days after the horrific fire, and even as more of its victims were dying in hospital, Barry O’Farrell continued to defy the police he had been praising just days earlier. The police in a desperate bid for a Liberal government to show some decency protested outside Parliament House. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione had begged for the officers to not protest in uniform as it would embarrass the government. The police clearly thought this was a government that deserved to be shamed and embarrassed, and so 5000 police showed up at the protest, the majority in uniform.

This bill is to save money, and the Premier and Minister are quite open about it saying that the scheme costs too much to keep in its current form. The changes have a massive impact on those officers who are the most critically injured, taking their rate of pay under the compensation scheme from 100% of salary, to 65% of salary, after a period of a few months.

This change to the compensation scheme, actually punishes those with the worst injuries. With friends like Barry O’Farrell, the police certainly don’t need enemies. These men and women are involved in high speed pursuits, shoot outs, drug raids, hostage scenarios, riots and brawls, all the things most people would avoid at all costs, they are asked to perform the dirtiest of deeds daily. Clearly there will be physical injuries.

As for psychological trauma, remember these people are the first on the scene when some loser cuts his kids throats in a custody battle, these are the people who are first to question and counsel  children after they have been molested by a paedophile, and they are also  the first to arrive on the scene to try and save your young children from the back of your burning car after you have had a head on smash with a drunk driver whilst going on holidays.

Dealing with these things repeatedly, I’d be a basket case…

This bill is cost cutting gone mad, any member of the Liberal Party should hang their heads in shame. Whether you support them or not, in the past the Liberal Party at least had some decency. Now after promoting several of his MP’s to Parliamentary Secretary positions, with a big pay rise to go with it, Barry will now recoup that money from injured police officers.

Barry O’Farrell tells us the changes are to help them back into work.

What a load of shit.

Is this our Premier trying to politely say that these injured cops are just bludging off the taxpayer? The only way to get them off their bludging butts is to take away 35% of their compensation payment? What an utterly disgraceful thing to suggest.

This is an insult to the police who are suffering brain injuries, and spinal injuries and need constant nursing and medical attention. Or is Barry hoping that those on 65% compensation may be forced back to work, only to sit in wheelchairs at busy intersections directing traffic with a nurse on standby. This is heartless at best, and is a bitter betrayal to those who have served their community faithfully.

There are words for people like Barry that I won’t go into here, but needless to say, none of them are flattering.

However, it’s not just NSW that is suffering.

In Victoria, the Liberal Baillieu government has driven the nurses into the streets in protest.

Once again we have a Liberal government taking some of the hardest working amongst us, and totally destroying their entitlements and conditions. These are the very people we rely on for care and comfort when we are at our most needy. These nurses have one of the toughest jobs imaginable, dealing with blood, tears, shit, piss, puke, and death on a daily basis…

Quite simply, they deserve our respect, and they deserve a hell of a lot better.

I sincerely hope those of you in Queensland are taking note of what is going on in the southern states. Do yourselves a favour, stop and think, is this what you want from your government?

And if you are a public servant and vote for the Coalition, then I’m sorry, but you are a bloody idiot.

In this life there are those who strive to help those in need, and whose life is dedicated to helping others when they are at their most vulnerable…

Unfortunately there are others who will endeavour to cripple these saviors, just to save a buck or 2… I think NSW and Victoria may think twice before voting for these bastards again.

  1. Rick says:

    I wonder what the health scheme for the pollies is?

  2. wrb330 says:

    Well written wixxy,
    Honestly mate these politicians need shaking until their teeth fall out.
    Bloody Hospitals get smashed all the time,
    first bed reduction,
    Then staff because they no longer need them,
    Then the sick que builds and some fool MP waves his arms and says ooohhh look im giving new beds to the system.

    NEW BEDS… WTF…they are what you stole originaly!!!
    Meantime under the radar ther is the following waste or misallocation to appease the minorities or overseas interest.

    How much gets repeatedlyy wasted on this advance and retreat with essential services.
    How much on indigenous affairs loans, benefits and damage repairs,
    how much on third world development, developing that never yields, but warlords grow fat
    how much to relief aid over a war thad should never have happened.
    How much on Centrtelink for single never gunna work fathers & mothers who could but wont
    How much on MP junkets and personal expense benefits
    How much on MP superannuation, retirement funds and golden handshakes regardless of service time.

    And then the low gutter creeper MP’s bitch and slash costs on essential services and worst of all compensation for those injured in the line.
    All while pulling the immoral crap yyou address and others like attempting to lower medicare benefits to the people and cutting the pensions of those who need it most.

    Christ on a crutch this country needs kicking in the guts.

    • wixxy says:

      Cheers Wayne, I reckon we should do the kicking too..
      Then we could have our own junket afterwards.
      You are right, the amount they waste on ridiculous crap, while others bust their guts working to keep our streets safe, or heal our sick.
      O’Farrell’s lot of failures need a wake up call… big time

      • wrb330 says:

        Wouldnt mind a junket to Canberra and maybe set up a protest in the fountain where its cool.
        Sadly I doubt it will happen.
        Even those voters that have the interest now appear consumed by unimportant current events surrounding Hockey, Abbott, and Gillard.
        What they said, did, who they looked at or what they may possibly have done but we dont really know so lets just act like bloody idiots until the likes of Bolt or Jones tell us what to think.

        No proposing useful considered comments of course, just name calling and tongue poking, all while their rights, entitlements and taxes are stripped and spent innapropriately under their very noses.

        Attempting non sensationalised political comment on twittter is getting to be a waste of time so I generally cant be bothered anymore. I have discoverted when many cant win they degrade to one line abusive idiots that deliberately mislead and lie to score points. Has me wondering if there isnt a Liberal el quida style training camp around somewhere.

        Seems the old pea and cup sleight of hand routine still works as well today as it did in the 40’s.

        Still just because its hard to win doesnt mean we should quit does it…(-:

        Cheers mate.

  3. Nina says:

    Dude you say it like it is. You have an unerring ability to get to the crux of things and I admire your ability to do that. Yours is one of the most worthwhile blogs I have seen.

  4. Great work, Wixxy!
    Of course, wrt the Nursing Home fire, it should be added that many of the old people died due to regulations in effect since Bronwyn ‘Kerosene Baths’ Bishop’s time as Aged Care Minister, which mandated that Nursing Homes did not need to instal those pesky, expensive things called sprinkler systems.
    So, to fatten their profits some more, that’s what this particular group, which owned this facility, as well as others across Australia, did. What was especially galling to see was the fat pig who was the CEO of the joint, obviously well-fed on a fat salary, going, ‘Boo Hoo!’. Probably prides himself on voting Liberal. Eurgh!

  5. […] Nursing Home where 11 elderly residents were killed in a horrific fire just last year. At the time I wrote a piece on the disgusting way our emergency services were being treated by what should have been a grateful […]

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