Train Long-Suffering

Posted: November 19, 2011 in North West Rail Link, Politics

The comments earlier this week from former Liberal Premier and now head of Infrastructure NSW, Nick Greiner tell us a story that we wish we didn’t have to hear, but a  story that is becoming harder to ignore on a daily basis.

That story, is the story of how NSW elected one of the worst governments in history on the back of lies, propaganda, misinformation, and a smear and fear campaign only surpassed by Dr No himself, Tony Abbott.

Below is a link to the article in the Herald, which takes the form of a candid chat with Infrastructure NSW Chief Nick Greiner.

Reading the article, you get the impression that Barry O’Fail promised more than he could afford, a bit like your kid sitting on Santa’s knee and being told that Santa would bring them Jet Ski’s, a motorbike, and maybe a horse as well….

Lets face it, Barry didn’t have to do much to beat Labor at the election. The Labor Party in NSW was self destructing, the press were out to crucify them, and even the charismatic Kristina Keneally couldn’t save them, despite being incredibly popular in her own right, and having the strength of character, and the brains to be one of the greatest Premiers this country, let alone state, has ever seen. Despite Labor being unpopular, Kristina was preferred Premier in all the polls until right near the end, showing just how little people thought of Barry, despite their despising Labor.

Barry could afford to relax and play everything low key in the lead up to the election, and he did, after all he had no need to stick his neck out with things like policies. However, there were 2 things he kicked up a major fuss over. The North West Rail Link, and privatisation.

The North West Rail Link, or the North West Fail Link as it is now becoming known as, is a project worth an estimated $9 Billion, Barry it seems, is determined to fast track this rail link despite his bank balance falling about $10 Billion short.

The other thing Barry made a huge song and dance about during the campaign was privatisation, in particular the “Great Electricity Sell Off”, where the Labor Party, under Keneally, sold the power generators. He even called for an enquiry on it to see if the state had been shortchanged. Now taxpayer money has been wasted on that enquiry, it turns out Keneally did the right thing.

Kristina Keneally, was adamant that the rest of the power network, including the poles and lines, stay in public hands. However the campaign by O’Farrell and the Liberals on this issue truly upped the ante, and turned the masses against Kristina, nobody it seemed wanted the states electricity assets sold.

Less than 9 months later, NSW should be ready for a bundle of joy after we were so wholeheartedly screwed by the election in March, instead we are now looking at getting screwed even harder.

According to Nick Greiner, and as the head of Infrastructure NSW he would know, Barry has some decisions to make regarding his promises.

Even after Barry has turned the state into a garage sale, privatising Sydney Ferries, parts of Sydney Water, the desalination plant, Dept Of Community Services, and much more, he still can’t pay for the Nth West Rail Link.

Barry could privatise the Rail Link and screw over the people of the Hills and North West… That could be a good option for him, as the Hills area electorates are all safe Liberal seats. So he probably wouldn’t lose any seats out of it, after all when Greiner screwed the area over by making the M2 the only motorway at the time where you couldn’t claim your tolls back, and also locking out competing infrastructure, preventing a rail link being built, they didn’t lose a vote.

The electorates there are so safe that the Liberals could have retarded monkeys run in these seats and still win. In fact, one only needs to chat to members like Ray Williams, David Elliott, Dominic Perrottet, and Federal Member Alex Hawke, and it is clear they didn’t even aim that high…

Here are some of them with Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian at the Nth West Rail Information Centre in Castle Hill. Mr Perrottet seems to be looking at something in Gladys’s hair, Mr Elliott just looks confused, and Bart Bassett is looking intent, after all he just wants the damn thing built so he doesn’t get busted drink driving anymore…. Still at least the Information Centre is in Castle Hill, the phone info line is based in Melbourne, probably due to the people in Melbourne knowing more about the local area than it’s Liberal members…

The other options Barry has are more sell offs. Tony Abbott said he wouldn’t sell his arse, and I’m guessing Barry wouldn’t either, Barry just plans to sell ours for us instead.

So what is Barry planning to sell? The rest of the electricity network? City Rail? Country Link? Sydney Water?

Does this video put together by the Baillieu Government for Chinese investors, promoting the Avalon Rail Link which the Victorian Liberals promised and can’t fund give us any clues? After all Ted and Barry are as thick as thieves…. I thought we were striving for public ownership, not Chinese ownership.

It is about bloody time that Barry showed us some of this transparency he keeps talking about and come clean with us.

Meanwhile, the new Liberal Mayor of the Hills Shire, Greg Burnett, has been telling all and sundry how pleased he is with the progress on the Nth West Rail Link by the new State Government, his comments appearing in all the local papers. The progress he speaks of is core drilling, testing the soil and rock to determine the suitability for tunneling.

Mr Burnett clearly has a bad memory, or is content to treat the citizens of the Hills like morons by promoting blatant lies. The core drilling he speaks of was actually started by the previous Labor Government well before the March election.

The only thing the current government has done is procrastinate. Then again, who can really blame them, after all, they have no money for it, and they’re still figuring out what went wrong the last time they, The Liberals, attempted a rail line in NSW, the epic failure Sydney Airport Link.

I have some advice for Barry, and his ship of fools. Why doesn’t he appoint the NSW Labor Party as project managers for the Nth West Link, at least they have experience building successful rail lines.

According to NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner,  “The only thing that is non-negotiable about the North West Rail Link is that it will be delivered on time as promised in the lead-up to the election”. Geez that’s comforting, the route, costs to use it, parking for  users, private or public ownership, number of services on the link, position of stations, security, public safety features…. all these things are still negotiable?

So far O’Farrell, Greiner, and the Libs have delivered nothing more than spin and drivel.

NSW is sick of it…

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