Having A Bad Day?

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Politics

“Everyone has a bad day”, at least that’s what Barry O’Farrell tells us, and for once I find myself agreeing with him. After all, NSW had a particularly bad day March 26 2011.

Only problem is, some people have more of them than others. Some have bad weeks, even months.

Those that are even unluckier have bad years, and then there ‘s Robyn Parker bad…

Robyn Parker is the NSW Environment Minister for the new Liberal Government we have in NSW.

Robyn is the one who decided not to tell the public about the deadly Hexavalent Chromium leak at the Orica plant in Stockton. Well, needless to say she is in trouble yet again…as is her boss Barry O’Farrell.

Have a look at these videos of classic Robyn moments, and ask yourself if you think she is capable of running a chook raffle, let alone a ministerial portfolio.

This is her recent handling of yet another leak at Orica, this time ammonia. After being missing in action all day, she fronted the media armed with nothing but the sound of crickets in her head.

Or this ripper where she tells everyone that logging is great for koala’s…

But wait, there’s more… Notice the dates on these video’s also, these are all distinctly separate events.

People are not calling for Robyn Parker to be sacked, they are absolutely screaming for it, even within the Liberal Party.

So, why won’t Barry O’Farrell do what needs to be done and sack her? After all, he said from the start he didn’t want any embarrassing moments in his term.

I think I know why….

Despite being totally inept, and an utter embarrassment to the job, Barry has nobody better to replace her.

This can be easily seen by looking at who he has available…

If we look at the electorate where I’m from, we have Ray Williams. You may remember me mentioning him in previous posts, he is the busdriver who was accused of  bribing a church pastor. Here’s a link to his website:


The home page of his website is dedicated to slagging off the Commonwealth Bank for not giving a school money. No mention that the school had not been paying its staff, who still 2 years later have not been fully paid. No mention that in the application the school neglected to tell the bank they were trading insolvent. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is now going to become an Islamic School…

According to Ray’s own website, and his newsletter that keeps the public up to date with what he has been doing, Ray has been flat out doing absolutely nothing since August 2009. Since the Coalition took Government, absolutely nothing has been done to warrant mentioning on his website. He certainly hasn’t done enough to warrant a newsletter. While we, the taxpayer, fund his office, and his staff, according to his website he has been on a 2 year holiday.

In my neighbouring electorates, we have David Elliot, and Kevin Connolly.

David made a bit of a splash lately for blowing the whistle on a colleague for some rather dodgy inner city behaviour that we will get to in a bit. This made him look even more foolish than usual, due to Barry O’Farrell voicing his disappointment  in David to the media. To top it off David was then humiliated by Shock Jock Ray Hadley over the matter. When you are a Liberal politician and even the most right wing of shock jocks wants to rip into you, you know you are out of your depth in a major way.

Kevin meanwhile, with nothing better to do, continues to shadow Federal Labor MP Michelle Rowland around the public schools in his area.

Before the election, Kevin thought that the BER funding to schools was a disgrace, a shocking waste of money. Now, with nothing better to do, Kevin can be seen loitering around in the background, like the Ghost Of Christmas Past, at all of the openings of classrooms, halls, and libraries that Michelle attends the opening of, desperate to try and get some of the glory for someone else’s hard work.

Here’s a picture of Kevin at work, leaning over to try and be part of things as Michelle chats to some schoolchildren in a new classroom that Kevin thought was a waste of money.

Another neighbouring electorate of mine has Bart Bassett as its Liberal member, his picture is even on Ray William’s website.

Now, unlike the others, Bart has done something of note since being in State Parliament.

Bart has been busted drink driving. Reported in the Telegraph June 16 2011, Bart was caught drink driving on the Cahill Expressway, arguably Sydney’s busiest road, after getting on the turps at a dinner with friends after parliament. What a shining example for the community. How much money does the government spend trying to stop drink driving again???

Bart Bassett is a disgrace and should be sacked.

Speaking of criminal acts, Barry could have appointed National Steve Cansdell to the Robyn’s job, the National Party were keen to have more ministers. Alas, Steve had to resign though, after he admitted to falsifying a statutory declaration, to avoid disqualification from driving. A criminal act.

With principles like that, maybe Barry O’Farrell should have made Steve Cansdell the Parliamentary Secretary to the Police Minister… Actually he did, I’m not joking either. Now Steve is awaiting arrest, for his actions, the delay in his arrest apparently due to other allegations of misuse of funds for his parliamentary staff, public money, being investigated.

Barry O’Farrell’s Liberal government must have a commitment to crime, because when we compare Robyn’s performance with other ministers, the first one was also arrested.

In fact, I can’t recall another government that has seen 3 of its members arrested in its first 6 months.

The first minister I wanted to mention can’t be named for legal reasons. He is a 62 year old married minister who was arrested for lewd conduct in the inner city one night. Barry found out about this through David Elliott.

The arrest was made after witnesses reported seeing a man performing lewd acts with another man in public. After finding out that this man was a minister in Barry O’Farrell’s government, the witnesses dropped the complaint and no charges were laid.

There are of course other ministers to compare Robyn Parkers performance with.

Pru Goward for example, telling the ABC’s 7 30 that Labor had left a terrible legacy in her portfolio, that involved more troubled children receiving help, for less cost to the taxpayer. Great logic Pru.

Treasurer Mike Baird should also be congratulated for his competence. Mike has achieved what for years people thought impossible, he can see what doesn’t exist. Mikes imaginary black hole he accused Labor of leaving behind is the thing of legend. Unseen by previous treasurers, the State Treasury Dept, and a long list of independent firms brought in to look at the states books.

Mike managed to see this imaginary black hole as he delivered the state’s first budget deficit in years. Mike is currently looking for his unicorn, which he last saw being ridden by Elvis.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner seems to think she is the Minister for demolition. She has demolished funding for hospitals such as Blacktown, Tamworth, and Robyn Parker’s electorate where $20 Million for Maitland hospital was promised and only $200K delivered.

Here’s a link to how well she has been performing for those in the Illawarra…


Remember the fan-fare and carry on when Barry O’Farrell and Roads Minister Duncan Gay removed 38 Speed Camera’s from service, never to return. Well, Minister Duncan Gay, has been a bit slack and has only put 32 of these back in use so far, as he said they wouldn’t. Expect the other 6 soon. So does that make Duncan a liar, or just intentionally highly deceptive?


Never have I heard of a Government that is so inept. I understand that the Liberals are still on their L Plates, but seriously, the state would be better run by a bunch of chimps.

So Barry, I guess I’m actually sticking up for you here.


Robyn Parker should not be sacked. Barry has no one better to offer. We will just have to put up with what is the best of a hideously bad bunch.


  1. Roger Grealy says:

    There is someone better than Robyn Parker – a woman Catherine Cusack who was Liberal environment spokesperson for years while they were in opposition. She supported protests over ADI site trashing in Western Sydney; she was knifed by BO’F after he won the election -wrong faction I think. I agree with you about Kevin Connolly – he writes the most extreme anti public school rhetoric then has the hide to turn up at BER events. Enjoyed this blog.

  2. Susan says:

    Barry and his ministers and shock jock friends like Ray Hardley the moron promised the people of NSW that we would be better off with them ,but i didn’t believe them and no i didn’t vote for them either and i was right this current NSW government is the worse.

    • wixxy says:

      We are better off with the Liberals in government like the koala is better off with logging…. You were right Susan, it’s a pity that so many belived all the propaganda…

  3. Signe says:

    Catherine was apretty good, she spoke at a forum looking to save the Dharrawal… only to be stumped when asked to fight against the mining leases BHP have under the site… she wasn’t around long after that…. although to her credit she did understand her portfolio.. unlike the koala saving tree removing Parker

    • wixxy says:

      I think Parker wouln’t know her portfolio is it jumped up and bit her in the ass…
      Another scary point I forgot to mention in the blog, she is from the electorate of Maitland, the Orica plant is in the neighboring electorate, many that live in her electorate probably work there…

  4. Don’t forget the news today that Barry O’Farrell has been caught out asking the Murray-Darling Basin Commission to surreptitously increase the amount of water Mining companies are allowed to have access to.

  5. BSA Bob says:

    If this Bart Bassett coot’s been busted for DUI, doesn’t that mean he’s up for a criminal offence & is ineligble to sit in Parliament? Or does that only apply to the ALP?
    Good post. Keep it up.

  6. I agree with some of the comments – but Orica has a history in Australia that would fill up most of the pages of the interwebs of environmental vandalism. Thank goodness the plant has stopped operating as it appears another systemic failure. Parker is a fool, but no worse than 1/2 the previous ALP ministers who were there at the end. Face it we get the politicians we deserve, and the general antipathy of voters illustrate this point. Got me beat why most people say they care about the country, but dont do anything about it except whinge. How many members of the liberal party are there in say your electorate – 250 tops? ALP 75 maybe. That is pathetic really. Should be at least 1,000 in each if you ask me That goes to show most people really don’t care enough to get off their backsides and do something.

    Anyway 2015 wont come soon enough for some people. Meanwhile …….

    • wixxy says:

      Orica has a woeful history,but I do think thar Robyn Parkers lack of action takes the cake, particularly the hexavalent chromium spill. where she let residents run the risk of being poisoned while she twidled her thumbs for 56 hours before telling the public. Anyone who has seen Erin Brockovich know the affecects it can have.
      The ALP had its issues, but I don’t believe we have ever seen 3MP’s arrested within a 6 month period before, if this keeps up we will have to move parliament house to Long Bay just to suit the Liberal Party…
      You are right though, people are happy to complain but not prepared to do anything about it. We would be happy for new members where I am…

    • Roger Grealy says:

      I agree re the standard of Laboral pollies in NSW & the apathy /ignorance brainwashing that puts them there. Sport is the religion of Australia. There are people around who think & are active for the good of the community but not enough of them yet. The local MP here Liberal Rosa Sage got only 1/3 of the vote but because Independent & Green didn’t co-operate/preference , she snuck in & she was the least informed/competent of all the candidates.

      • wixxy says:

        There is a lot of that going on… Granville electorate is another example
        There was a lot of confusion within the Greens, many thought that the party policy didn’t allow them to give preferences even though it did. There were mixed messages coming through that caused some chaos… Probably due to things being tight in Carmel and Verity’s seats.
        It does the Greens no favors to allow the Liberals to get such a high number of seats… Although I’m sure they will learn from it

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