There Goes My Hero…

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment, Dummy Spits

Dave Grohl, many of you know him as the frontman for the Foo Fighters, some of you know him as the drummer from Nirvana, if you don’t know him, you may as well stop reading now.

Dave Grohl was a member of one of the most influential bands that the world of rock music has ever seen, Nirvana. They changed the course of music, and influenced a whole new generation of musicians.

Since then Dave has been the frontman for his band, the Foo Fighters, as well as some other side projects with other well known musicians, such as Them Crooked Vultures, and a drumming stint with Queens Of The Stone Age.

The Foo Fighters are kind of like the Britney Spears of rock music. By that I mean they do a few catchy singles but have yet to master the art of producing a good album. They have a formula that they stick to pretty religiously musically, and as a band, in my opinion, are yet to take a risk.

Dave Grohl for years has tried to distance himself from Kurt Cobain, the singer/guitarist and songwriter from Nirvana. Kurt was a troubled genius, and no matter what Dave does now, it will never have a fraction of the impact Nirvana had on the music world, so I can understand the need to distance himself from Kurt and Nirvana. Dave would no doubt want to be seen of worthy of success in his own right.

There was a joke that went around after Kurt Cobain took his own life, it went like this… “What has 4 legs and works at McDonalds?” The answer, “The rest of Nirvana”.

With that kind of attitude going around, it is no wonder that Dave did not want to talk too much about Kurt in interviews. Even after the Foo Fighters were a success, questions about Kurt still dogged him wherever he went.

One of the things I always admired about Kurt, was his attitude towards fame and money, he just couldn’t give a toss about it. In fact he would often go out of his way to try and receive less airplay, and to do things to actually lose fans that he considered “rednecks”.

I was glad to see that Dave seemed to keep this attitude going, not being gimmicky, or having silly props for a live show, a real back to basics approach. It was also refreshing to see that he was not trying to make money, or gain extra attention by using Kurt Cobain’s name.

Until now.

Below is a picture of the cover of the recently released authorised biography of Dave Grohl.

You may notice a few things about the cover:

  1. It mentions Kurt on the cover.
  2. Kurt’s name is actually in a bigger font than the book’s title “This Is A Call”
  3. The quote featuring Kurt’s name is at the top of the cover
  4. The quote with Kurt’s name is actually larger than the picture of Dave

There are two types of people in this world that I despise, Conservative Politicians, and hypocrites.

Don’t think for a minute that I was not a fan… I have the first 3 Foo Fighter albums, and have seen them live twice.

But the cover of this biography has changed all that.

Using Kurt’s name on the cover may help you sell a few extra copies, I’d even be interested in reading it myself. But I won’t buy it on principal.

If your name isn’t strong enough on its own to warrant a biography, don’t release one.

The fact that the line about Kurt that Dave approved for the cover also relates to Kurt’s death, makes me want to puke, as it is clearly using Kurt’s death to sell more copies.

I have no problems with talking about Kurt’s death in the book, as it was obviously a major part of Dave’s life, just don’t put it on the cover. This is the height of bad taste, and makes most of Dave’s interviews and “Nice Guy” persona look not only hypocritical, but a load of shit to boot…

The first time I saw the Foo Fighters was one week after they released their first album, at the Reading Festival in the UK. They were headlining the second stage on the second night. Around 12,000 people tried cramming into a tent designed to hold 6,000. The show had to be stopped several times to allow paramedics in to pull out those who had passed out from the heat. It was a memorable gig indeed.

The other thing I remember about that gig, was that none of the audience were there to see the Foo Fighters. They were all there to see the drummer from Nirvana’s band.

Judging from Dave’s biography cover, that’s how he’ll always be remembered.

Maybe, as he should….

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  1. Carrie says:

    This is not an authorized biography.

    • wixxy says:

      I’m glad to hear that 🙂
      Although there would have had to have been sighn off on the cover for the use of the photos I think, but I do hope I’m wrong…

  2. Nicole says:

    Do you know what an un-authorised biography is? In a nutshell, it is a biography where-by the author does NOT have permission or cooperation from the subject to write such a book. Dave Grohl would not have had anything to do with the approval of content, layout or design in this book. If he did, then sure, it would mean the book would be an authorised biography, but it is not.
    If you want to have a rant at someone aim it towards the author. While I am sure he is a very talented and successful author/journalist, he is using someone elses fame and success for his own benefit and no doubt financial gain. The author, editors and designers would have approved the quote, font size and image for the cover to use it as a selling point.
    Do your research before you make these assumptions man. That wasn’t very fair.

    • wixxy says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Dave Grohl would have had to have permission for the cover of the book, as he would have had to give his permission for his image to be used.

      However, I have been in 2 minds about this post, as it turns out it is an unauthourised biography, however the image has been used, with Daves permission, on bookstands, posters, and on the covers, all of which Dave receives money for. That I would class as cooperation.

      At the time I wrote it, I had been seeing these posters everywhere, and I was quite angry at the way Kurts death was being used, and on the same poster a photo that Dave would have been paid for… Any major celebrity selling their image gets to see how it will be used and in what context before sign off.

      Dave being paid for the use of the photo for the cover with the offending words on it justified the post as far as I was concerned, however many have felt different.

      Given what I have just said, it is in your hands Nicole, you can make the decision for me. If you think I should yank it down I will… as I said, I have been in 2 minds anyway…

      Thanks for your feedback, I do appreciate it

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