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Posted: October 14, 2011 in Dummy Spits, Politics

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I am aware that this post will no doubt become a magnet for abuse, so I will start out by saying that I agree with some of the Greens policies. Equal marriage rights for all, I’m with you 100%.


Every time Bob Brown or Sarah Hanson -Young open their mouths, I can almost hear the trampling of swinging voters feet as they move over to the Coalitions side.

Is my memory really that bad? Because I don’t ever remember the Democrats ever getting this much media exposure, or air time, and they had more sitting members than the Greens.

Yesterday’s announcement on the pulling of the vote on the bill to change legislation, in order to allow offshore processing, by the Gillard Government, had absolutely nothing to do with the Greens in the slightest. However from the press conference with Bob Brown and Sarah Hanson-Young you would swear otherwise.

Far be it from me to accuse them of stretching the truth, but saying the Greens were involved, is a little like saying the bloke sitting in seat H13 in row 467 at the AFL Grand Final was responsible for kicking the winning goal, just because he happenned to be at the same venue as the players…

Yesterday’s events were all about the 2 major parties fighting, and Tony Abbott cutting his nose off to spite his face. For the Greens to claim any responsibility whatsoever, is the Greens treating the public like morons, and I’m sorry, it won’t wash with me.

The bill in question was due to be voted on in the House Of Representatives, which neither Bob Brown nor Sarah Hanson- Young are members of. The Greens do have one member in the House Of Reps, Adam Bandt, he however was not at the press conference.

Putting things in perspective, why do the press bother with what the Greens say? They seem to be press conference mad. In the House Of Reps, the Western Australian National Party have the same number of members, as do the Country Liberal Party, the National Party have 11 times as many members, even the Mad Katters Tea Party has the same number of members, yet none of them felt the need to hold a press conference at the end of the day.

When the Liberal Party’s Scott Morrisson held his conference, which was shorter than the Greens conference, he was keen to make one point in particular. The point he tried to make is that we now have a Green’s policy being reverted to.

This is totally false of course. If we have reverted to any policy it is that of Kevin Rudd’s, however the Liberals are desperate to link Labor with the Greens by any means possible. This is because the Liberals are targeting Labors right and the swinging voters, and they know the vast majority of the public, rightly or wrongly, view the Greens as extremists.

Labor needs to distance itself drastically from the Greens to try and win back some support. Unfortunately Gillard, in her attempts to be different to Rudd I suspect, seems to have allowed policies such as onshore processing and gay marriage, which the vast majority of Labor members support, to become seen as Green policy.

This will be hard to address, but we need to start addressing it soon.

As for the Greens, I hope they take a Chill Pill and come back to reality. Because for every vote they pick up with one of their conferences or announcements, Abbott picks up 1000.

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  1. sEr says:

    Sour grapes – press talk to greens cos we have things to say that people are interested in- u pull out the same old dogma about greens libs ….. The two lib lab flip flop parties need greens now- get with the contemporary world of politics not the trad ways you guys and libs do…. Think outside the square

    • wixxy says:

      The ALP are known for thinking outside the square… That’s why we have a floating dollar, medicare, compulsory super…projects like the Snowy River Scheme, and the NBN… We made Tertiary Education affordable, until John Howard got in…
      Labor is putting the price on carbon, not the Greens, the Greens actually voted down the ETS last time, we are now back to Rudd’s onshore processing policy, not the Greens, Labor is pushing for the pokie reform, which originated from 2 independents, not Greens.
      Greens seem to be trying to take the glory from the battles of others in a struggle to look relevant.
      The Greens are a flash in the pan who are going to hand victory to Abbott if they are not careful, they will come off looking foolish when that happens… The Greens will never win a srong Liberal seat, they will only ever win a marginal Labor seat

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