You’re My Best Friend

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Animal Cruelty, Dummy Spits

Isn’t it good to have a best friend? Someone you can rely on to love you, protect you, look out for you, nurse you back to health, always be there for you whatever you need. A feeling of total trust, knowing that your best friend would never do anything to hurt you.

For as long as I can remember man has always had one best friend he can rely on, his dog. Until recently, I assumed the relationship worked both ways.


Cruelty to animals is something as a society we have never tolerated in Australia. It is not that long ago we saw the public uproar over the live beef exports to Indonesia.

I will warn you now, there are photos in this blog that you may find disturbing. If you are sensitive to these type of images, I would not scroll much further…

In Tasmania a few years back a dog was found at a local tip. We don’t know its name, so I’ll call him Bobby. Bobby was not lost and looking for food, he had been dumped there after being shot. He was found there sadly still alive, and suffering like we cannot begin to imagine, not just because he had been shot, but because Bobby’s ears had been hacked off. Bobby was put down on compassionate grounds, we don’t know how long he had been there, but on top of his other injuries he was also starving. Being put him down was probably the kindest act he had seen in his short life

If you are thinking how nasty and cruel kids can be, think again. This was done by the dog’s owner. You are by now probably wondering what the poor dog had done to deserve this.

It turns out Bobby was born for it.

Bobby was born a greyhound. That was his only crime. If you’re wondering why someone would have hacked his ears off, it’s because he would have had an identifying tattoo on his ears, as greyhounds have their ears tattooed at birth.

Of the approximately 25,000 greyhounds born each year in Australia, very few will live past 4 years of age, despite having an average life expectancy of 12 years.

Only around half of these dogs will reach the normal age for training, as some of them will not be deemed as of racing quality, the rest will usuallt be drowned or beaten to death. Of those who reach training age, many will fail to chase, many will be injured whilst training, and many others will just disappear.

In fact, it has been estimated that approximately 20,000 greyhounds are killed in Australia each year, 80% of those born.

Don’t think the other 5,000 live a happy life though, no more than 2,000 of these end up as racing dogs, usually much less. Only around 500 will end up being adopted as pets. The others have an uncertain fate.

The other couple of thousand dogs are exported to Asia, most ending up in China or Korea. They are shipped there to “race”, although the vast majority will never see a track. Most will end up as someone’s dinner.

Those who end up being sold as meat are not killed by humane methods for the most part. Greyhounds are killed by electrocution, strangulation, drowning, or sometimes
just beaten to death. As the dog meat trade is common, but illegal in Asia, there is no regulation around how a dog is killed for market.

In Korea, it is frightening to note, it is widely believed that an adrenalin rush in the greyhound as it dies, means the meat will increase human virility. This means that the dogs are killed in the cruelest possible ways, as the more painful the death, the more adrenalin, and therefore the more valuable the meat.

Australia’s treatment of greyhounds is an absolute disgrace, if nothing is done about this we should hang our heads in shame.

Seeing the treatment of cattle in the Indonesian abattoirs was quite upsetting and quite appropriately saw urgent changes made to legislation, and saw an immediate halt to the live export trade. Although the coalition did not back the governments measures, preferring the torture of animals to continue till a solution was eventually found. Thankfully the government did not heed to protests of Abbott and Co, and the inhumane treatment was stopped.

For starters, we need to ban the live export of greyhounds. As a country we cannot
be seen to endorse a practice where the torture of animals is actually rewarded. Then we need to work on a way of tracking dogs in Australia. If we go to the trouble of giving greyhounds identifying tattoo’s at birth, why is nothing done to monitor the dogs afterwards?

So what can you do to help?

Firstly, you can adopt a greyhound via the link below.

Or any of these links in your state








Alternatively, if you want to spit the dummy, you can contact the executives  listed below. You could suggest to them politely, that they should be seen to be taking measures to place greater controls on the breeding of greyhounds, and also to be seen to be looking into creating measures to track greyhounds, so they are accounted for, and any mistreatment, or illegal killing can be investigated and offenders handed harsh penalties.

You could also ask them why they support the live export of greyhounds to Asia when
greyhounds are not kept as pets there, meaning a certain death awaits them at just 4 years old.

Mr. Russell Ware, Chairman

Greyhounds Australasia Limited

PO Box 239

Springvale VIC 3171


Fax: (03) 9548 3488

Mr Brent Hogan, Chief Executive

Greyhound Racing Authority of New South Wales

PO Box 170

Concord West NSW 2138


Fax: (02) 8767 0500

I hope people take notice of this issue and do something.

This is no way to treat our friends.

  1. kabdoo says:

    I’m lost for words, Wixxy. I had no idea this was happenning. Even harder to believe it’s happenning in Australia.

  2. I am cycling 1000 miles in aid of greyhound charities if anyone would like to spread the word or help my link is

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