Just For A Laugh…

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

It’s been a while since I did a silly blog, so….

Those of you that have been to the UK may be familiar with these, but I thought they were worth posting.

There is a Scottish soft drink called Irn Bru, it is an awesome drink, it’s not an energy drink as many think with the name, it is just a soft drink, but it has a rather unique taste. You can buy it in Coles over here, but it is imported and therefore expensive…

Anyway, I wanted to share their advertisements with you, as I think they are hilarious. Below are some of their billboards which are a common sight around the UK, I hope you like them…

Diet Irn Bru

How about these 2 Classics

And my all time favourite

I hope you think they are as funny as I do.

Type Irn Bru in You Tube to check out their tv spots, some of them are quite funny too.

  1. raza says:

    oh my god had me crying its so funny

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