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Posted: October 4, 2011 in Politics

Ada and Darcy

I don’t like to start a blog with this line but I will…., back when I was young it was different.

When I was young, and by young I mean 20 -30, I was a shocker. I lived in the pubs and clubs. I’m not exaggerating either, I was in a pub or club at least once a day.

Back then, I haunted the Castle Hill RSL regularly, went to the Parramatta Leagues Club at least once a week, and spent many a night in other pubs and clubs all over Sydney.

Things were great back then, there were bands playing in the pubs most nights, the clubs were jam packed with people, everyone socialised, and all the venues made money.

Back then tobacco companies sponsored the footy, and you would struggle to find a pokie machine in a pub. In the clubs they did have pokies, but a mere fraction of the number that they have now.

This may come as a shock to many, but pubs and clubs existed well before the pokie machine. To hear the commentary now, you would not think this was the case.

These pubs and clubs did not open because they were going to lose money, and then stay open and continue to go backwards in the vague hope a gambling machine would be invented one day.

Unfortunately the football codes all went broke when tobacco advertising was banned, just as they predicted, and all the clubs closed didn’t they? They are now as dead as workchoices, just ask a public servant in NSW how dead that is…

What astounds me about the pokie debate is the attitude of the clubs. I was of the impression that many of these clubs are charity based. The RSL clubs are supposed to be all about helping out the returned servicemen and their families, not milking them of their pension cheques. It has become a national disgrace. Our diggers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew their “mates” at the RSL had their wives addicted to throwing their money into a machine.

I was in a Catholic club last week, they had all the pro-pokie, anti govt posters up everywhere, interestingly though, they were most prominent at the ATM’s.

The Catholics? Surely they would be more about helping problem gamblers? Of course they would do all they can to stop gambling destroying lives and families, right?

Alas it seems not…

As for the Leagues Clubs, what says sportsmanship quite as well as a gambling problem….

For those of you who were shocked at the comments made on TV during the screening of the Rugby finals series games… why? Surely you would have seen it  coming. One only needs to look at the NRL as an organisation to see why they would have an anti government push.

Here is a clip of the news report on Channel 10.


For a start, the contract for the radio broadcast of the NRL is held by 2GB in Sydney, the home of Alan Jones, and all those other “balanced” “Shock Jocks”.

As for the NRL itself, it is 50% owned by News Ltd.

But that’s not all. News Ltd also owns 100% of the Melbourne Storm Club, 100% of the Nth Qld Cowboys Club, and 68.87% of the Brisbane Bronco’s Club. The games are all televised on Foxtel Cable TV which is 25% owned by News Ltd’s parent company, News Corporation.

It is reasonable to suggest that News Ltd may wield some influence over the sport.

Have all the clubs just gotten lazy over the years, or are they being run by fools? If you run a club and can’t turn a profit without pokies, I would suggest you are not qualified to run a club.

What would I know eh?

Well, for what it’s worth, I managed 2 pubs when I lived in England. Both turned a healthy profit, and neither had a poker machine in it. Wanna know how I did it?

It’s called service.

Service does not mean bussing in pensioners to play pokies, and it does not mean giving out soft drinks, finger food, and coffee to gamblers. It means providing an environment that makes customers want to come back.

The latest in the procession of C Grade celebrities dumping on the govt pre-commitment policy is Angry Anderson, now a National Party hopeful. I don’t really think his entrance into this debate should be taken seriously, nor should his entrance into politics, however, see if you recognise the face on this pokie, it is one of latest Aristocrats machines…. here’s a clue, it plays Rose Tattoo music…

Did I hear someone say vested interest?

What a joke….

Also, please remember if you are buying anything online to check the Charity Shop via the link below. It is not like Vinnies, and when purchases are made via the site, the companies donate to charity. There are stores like Dick Smith, Vodafone, and Flight Centre on there, even iTunes if you are buying music.

Charity Shop

  1. Ideflitch says:

    The word BALANCED near Alan Jones should have a ” both before and after it…”balanced” ?????

  2. Sue says:

    What do “5 angries” pay? and how often do “5 angries” pay!

  3. You and I shared similar pub & club experiences, but the thing I remeber most is that pokies were once only in clubs or hidden away like the vile dirty money grubbers they are.
    Now you trip over them walking in and have difficulty finding a venue where dining out isnt impacted by their incessant noise.
    The RSL issue breaks my heart, once upon a time this institution was the bastion of the aussie family who knew without doubt a family friendly almost homely atmosphere could be found inside those walls. But now its more likely to give you industrial noise damage to your ears. Bloody ring, ring, whoot and whistle all over the shop.
    If they reduced numbers, and put these horrors back out back where they belong they may just find clientelle returning and problem gambling reducing simply by removing the temtation from every door you walk through. Or take the approach of the US, Casinos is where they belong leave them there.
    Maybe make people travel to get to these things like they once did to get to Barham, and bring in the old fashioned strict dress and id requirements that alone will help reduce gambling issues to weekends only not 5 nights a week like it is now.

    Frankly your right, they scream pokies because they are to lazy to offer service and atmosphere which requires happy helpful staff members and effort.
    Pokies simply vaccum money from pockets and thats all they care about, stuff the punters clean them out and piss them off ASAP.

    How aussie is that, makes me so proud of the direction my nation is taking.

    • wixxy says:

      Wayne, I see a blog in there from you mate 🙂 When’s your next one due?

      • Umm well funny you should mention that, as an ex Council laws coordinator and prosecutor Im tapping one together over Loc Gov expenditure and careless wastage of ratepayers funds. Its coming from a staff member view point. I ran a lot of fees, charges tenders for works and purchases etcetera, not to mention fines and prosecutions.
        Also expect some info on how to get past the stonewalls of beuracrats when wanting answers and challenge their officers presence on your property making enquiries over alleged offences……always said they werent accountable enough while acting outside the laws requirements.
        Its why after 10 years I quit.

  4. James Fry says:

    Great post… Have retweeted on twitter…

  5. […] a big part of that problem. Some of you that have followed my posts for a while may even remember a post I did on the pokies back in 2011, which is still relevant […]

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