Cry Freedom

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Dummy Spits, Politics

Ada and Darcy

Andrew Bolt’s court appearance, and legal defeat last week has brought up some questions about freedom of the press with many.

Andrew Bolts defeat was due to lies that he wrote and that were published  as if they were fact, it has nothing to do with any freedom of speech issue.

I thought I’d have a peek at this free press everyone is up in arms about.

Below are some fine examples of the free press that Bolt fights for…

Or this one of Alan Jones lying about blockades….

There is one story I searched for a link to but couldn’t find, if anyone has one, please send it to me to add. The story I was looking for was from the US. On September 12 2001, one of the major US networks repeatedly aired footage of arabs in the Middle East celebrating the September 11 attacks in the US.

The footage was old footage of a celebration of a totally different event. The media used this footage to stir up hatred towards the Middle East. Charges were later made in court, and those who aired the footage were charged, and publicly humiliated, however the damage had already been done….

There should always be a difference between a free press, and a press that has a license to print, or air whatever they like, true or false.

Those who are arguing that we should have a totally free press, should ask themselves this….

Would it be OK if someone wrote a column for Fairfax that stated that Andrew Bolt was directly related to Adolph Hitler, or that Alan Jones was  arrested for stalking Justin Bieber while he was in Sydney, or maybe that Tony Abbott once attended an Al Queda training camp….  If your answer is no, then why not? that’s a free press.

The reason nobody could print those things is because there is a fine line between freedom of press and defamation, or slander. That fine line is usually referred to as truth, or honesty, and that line is usually determined by something that is foreign to Andrew Bolt, it is called research.

The sooner some of these columnists and shock jocks are pulled into line the better, but I’m not gonna hold my breath…. - Australia & NZ's Largest Online Adultstore

  1. Mrtiedt says:

    My test for people who scream that free speech must triumph over everything is whether they would be ok with the Daily Telegraph publishing a front page with a picture of them and the headline “Pedophile”.

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  3. BSA Bob says:

    The media’s reaction to all this is just one angle of one of the great cons. You bludgeon your opponent into making admissions & concessions- the importance of a free & fearless press etc to responsible debate, then hold them tenaciously to their commitments whilst reneging on your own. The end result of the media’s high sounding defensive rhetoric is the rubbish they actually produce 90% of the time.

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