Tell Me Lies

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Politics

The other day I watched with disgust and contempt another one of those stupid “Carbon Rally’s” being covered on the news. This “Carbon Rally” was supposedly different though, as it was apparently the 1 year anniversary of “The Big Lie”.

The “Big Lie”, is not Alan Jones talking of police blockades, or Tony Abbott claiming to believe in climate change science, the lie being referred to is the pre-election interview where Julia Gillard told us there would be no Carbon Tax under a government she led.

This was not the only interview where Julia Gillard told us there would be no Carbon Tax either, however it does seem to be the only one that is receiving any attention.

The Australian published an interview with Julia on the eve of the Federal election. In this interview she once again claimed that there would be no Carbon Tax, should she win the election. I have put a link to the article below.

In the interview, Julia states that there will be no Carbon Tax, but also clearly states that there will be a price put on Carbon. Not only that, but she believes a Labor victory would be a mandate for putting a price on Carbon. Strong words indeed.

So Julia clearly stated before the election that she would be putting a price on Carbon it seems. This was before any negotiations with Bob Brown and The Greens.

It sounds to me like the mythical lie, is in fact a question of semantics, a tax or a price. Judging from Julia mentioning both in her interview with The Australian, I think that it is quite clear that there never was a lie, as she clearly believes she is delivering a carbon price, not tax. There was however, an opposition prepared to take a portion of what was said and twist it to their own needs.

A tax is something everybody pays, a price is something that people pay only when purchasing an item, or using a service.

From what I gather, nobody will have any extra tax documents to fill in when doing their tax returns. Companies wishing to put Carbon into our atmosphere will be charged for the privilege, like a dumping fee. That is because what is being brought in is not a tax. It is a charge for companies that dump an excessive amount of carbon into our air.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you that these companies won’t pass costs on, they will. However when a company has increased costs of any type, it is usually passed on to the consumer, it is not normally referred to as a tax though. For example if the cost of freight increases, as it often does, the price increase is passed all the way along to the consumer. This however is not referred to as a freight tax, it is just seen as a price rise. The same should go for the carbon price, the main difference being of course, we actually receive compensation for this price rise.

But let’s hold a mirror up to Tony Abbott, and the opposition for a minute.

We all remember Tony’s interview with Kerry O’Brien last year where the subject of lies, and being liberal with the truth came up. Tony made it clear that anything he said, could not necessarily be trusted as being totally honest. In fact, only those things that were carefully scripted statements, or written agreements could be taken as “Gospel Truth”.

Last week we saw just how reliable those written agreements were when the State Funeral for Margaret Olley came up.

Margaret Olley was a legend in the world of Australian art, she was also a good friend of Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull. In a written agreement it was decided that Malcolm Turnbull could attend his friends funeral as Simon Crean the Arts Minister would also be attending from the Labor Party. Therefore in a pairing agreement voting would not be affected.

At the last minute, Tony Abbott decided to break his written agreement, thus making himself a liar. Too gutless to face the press on the issue, he instead sent Christopher Pyne out to do his dirty work.

“Some things are more important than funerals” Pyne tried to convince us. Pyne also added that when voting numbers in the parliament were going to be affected, that the agreement had to be broken.

This made me wonder, had Pyne and Abbott been borrowing Joe Hockey’s calculator again when working out the numbers?? Last time I checked, 1 minus 1 equalled nil… One attending from both sides meant there would be no disadvantage to voting numbers on either side, I could be wrong, it’s a while since I’ve left school, but I think I’m right.

If this is the case, and unless mathematicians worldwide have been wrong for centuries on the most basic of maths, it clearly is the case, what does this make Tony Abbott? The only options would be, either totally stupid, or a monumental asshole.

Pyne also made mention that Margaret Olley had been a “self-proclaimed Liberal supporter” all of her life. This was supposed to make it better, it actually makes it worse.

The message sent out by Abbott, as leader of the Liberal Party on this event is truly astounding.

It tells Liberal supporters exactly how little they are appreciated by their party, and how they lack any respect for you as a person whatsoever. The Liberal Party is happy to take your vote, but no matter how high-profile you are within the community, when you die, screw you, you no longer matter to them. Not only will they no longer care, they will actually stop your friends attending your funeral if it suits them.

I am totally disgusted that any political party in Australia would show so little respect for any loyal supporter, let alone a supporter who warranted a State Funeral. This is probably the lowest the Liberal Party has sunk since Scott Morrison complained about a child being allowed to attend the funeral of his family after the Christmas Island tragedy.

I don’t know if they could sink any lower than this, but hey, it’s early days yet…

The Liberal Party talk a lot about lies, something they know plenty about. I’m not expecting honesty from the Liberal Party, but a little bit of integrity would be nice for a change.

  1. Great post nicely worded, and the contempt over Abbott blocking attendace at Margaret Olle’s funeral is less than deserved. Nothing is too far below Abbotts belly he wont stoop to reach it, and votes the lowest of all. Welll written, well said, very well done.

  2. Rebekah says:

    PhonyTony & his spin. I’d rather have an unpopular PM who had enough conviction to take action than a popular PM who liked polls better than policy. While Tony creates fear & spreads lies Julia gets on with the job.

    • wixxy says:

      Abbott is a populist, he sprouts whatever he thinks his audience at the time wants to hear…
      His spreading of fear is totally irresponsible. you are absolutely right.
      Thanks for your feedback Rebekah

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