The Big Question

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Politics

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There is a question that I am asked a lot, particularly at election times, that question is “Why do I support Labor when I own a small business?”

I am asked this question so many times it is beyond a joke, in fact if I could raise an invoice for $1 every time I’m asked the question, I could probably afford to hire another 1000 staff. Well, maybe that’s pushing it, but you get the idea.

The answer really is quite simple, and it usually makes people stop and think.

If there are two things that we can be sure of it is these. The Liberal Party is a supporter of Big Business above all else. Big Business is out to crush small business in order to become bigger.

So my answer to the question is “As a small business owner, why would I want to support a party, whose primary goal is to look after the corporations who want to destroy my business?” Sometimes it is good to answer a question with another question.

Don’t take this wrong, The Labor Party is also a supporter of Big Business, however, Labor take a far more balanced approach.

If we look at the last Federal election The Liberal Party were looking to hike the company tax rate by 1.5%. That has a huge impact, 1.5% may seem a tiny number, but when that is added at every part of a supply chain, it adds up quick. It is also a substantial increase in costs to a small business, adding 1.5% to the tax rate is effectively increasing the amount of tax you pay by around 5%. This extra cost would have had to have been absorbed by small business, as Big Business would just pass it on to consumers, or back onto the small business.

Labor, on the other hand, is not increasing the company tax rate. In fact they are simplifying the process of tax returns for small business. Labor is looking to increase the amount of refund a small business can claim without receipts. This is to ease the burden on small business, and to encourage investment in those businesses. I’m glad someone’s looking out for us…

A perfect example of the Liberal attitudes towards small business, as opposed to Big Business, took place at a local supermarket.

There are a few small to medium contenders out there, Franklins, IGA, and Aldi, but I think we can all agree that Coles and Woolworths are trying to crush all in their path. If you are not sure about this, have a look for your local independent liquor store, or service station.

Coles and Woolworths are squeezing the life out of the small business owners who are struggling to compete with these giants. There are very few independent grocery stores left across the country.

You may well be asking yourself “What does this have to do with the Liberals?” I’m getting there.

Liberal philosophy must be really embedded into the minds of Liberal MP’s and Senators. The whole “protect big business at all costs” must be tattooed on their brain, as it seems to surface in the most bizarre of fashions at times.

Frewville, is a small suburb, around 3km’s from Adelaide’s Central Business district. It has 4 Woolworths stores within a 5 km radius of it, one of these stores is less than 1km away, 4 Coles stores within a 4km radius, and 1 independent grocery store, Foodland. There is certainly no shortage of pressure being put on the little independent by the Big Boys, as it is totally surrounded.

So when the Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher decided she was going to go and steal some groceries and assault a security guard, where do you think she headed?

That’s right, in keeping with Liberal principles she decided not to harm the big boys, Coles and Woolworths. Mary Jo was careful to avoid the giants and instead she sought out the little fella and went straight for the jugular…

It is so Liberal minded of Mary Jo to seek out the battler to go and do battle with….

I hope this doesn’t represent the direction the Liberal Party is heading. During the Howard era we small business owners grew accustomed to being ignored and left behind, that was ok. But if we are going to be sought after and attacked, well, I think that’s going a bit far…

Of course, I don’t really believe this is the case, and while Mary Jo Fisher’s actions were in no way accidental, she may have accidently highlighted the Liberal Party’s ignorance of the plight of small business owners.

I just hope that one day people will understand that there truly is only one party that fights for small business. Maybe then instead of people asking me the silly question, they will say “I knew you’d be a Labor supporter, after all,  you do own a small business”.

Also, please remember if you are buying anything online to check the Charity Shop via the link below. It is not like Vinnies, and when purchases are made via the site, the companies donate to charity. There are stores like Dick Smith, Vodafone, and Flight Centre on there, even iTunes if you are buying music.

Charity Shop

  1. wayne Brooks says:

    Well written and a valid points regarding Lbral policy and direction. I would recommend people who want a clear example of what you are discussing could do worse to go to Parliaments home page. Open question time for the senate and watch the session from the 25th August 2011. It goes directly to the heart of your blogs content on multiple issues with clear examples cited.

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