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Posted: August 23, 2011 in Dummy Spits, Politics

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Just to beat my own drum a little, I would like to say, that given past numbers, I am pleased to announce that more people will read this blog than showed up to hear Alan Jones spit his hatred at Parliament House yesterday.

That makes me smile.

Yesterday, as you are probably aware, Alan Jones spoke at a protest outside Parliament House in Canberra. The rally was an anti government protest and was part of the “Convoy Of No Confidence” The “Convoy” was made up of all the trucks with owners that are angry at the Gillard Governments upcoming Carbon Tax, you know, the one that helps ensure a cleaner environment for those truck drivers children.

I read yesterday that Canberra police were shocked and baffled at some comments that were made by Alan Jones. I’d like to say to those police, “Welcome Aboard”, most of us in Sydney have been shocked and baffled by anything that comes out of his mouth for years. But was it his comments that baffled, or his claim that there was no “cash for comments” for him?

The comments from Alan Jones that so confused police, were his claims that police had formed a blockade at the state border that had stopped thousands of protesters from coming into Canberra to protest. Jones claimed this was “The most disgraceful thing ever to democracy”. A big claim indeed.

Turns out, it was the biggest disgrace ever yesterday, to free speech, by Jones.

This is what a police blockade looks like Alan.

What the handful of protesters got, was not a blockade, but a police escort. There is quite a difference. One is to stop people getting through, the other is to help them through. Your mates got the latter…

It seems that police, probably embarrassed on Alan’s behalf, thought they had better make sure every protester gets a clear path, as the numbers were so low. So they provided a police escort through the city to the protest site.

Alan Jones then proceeded to get up on stage and lie about police blockades, and disgraceful things. Jones knows all about disgraceful things…. From charges of public indecency in London public toilets, to accusations of inciting the Cronulla race riots, Alan knows disgrace all too well. Just to prove he still has it in him though, he then proceeded to abuse and chastise Fairfax journalist Jacqueline Maley for asking whether or not Jones was being paid for appearing. He pointed her out to the angry mob, yelling her name. Jacqueline was forced to flee in fear. What a big man Alan is…..

Some of you may be surprised though, to hear that I see things differently, and would like to thank Alan Jones and the Rally organisers.

The “Convoy Of No Confidence” and the protest rally has helped highlight something important. Australia quite clearly has confidence in the Gillard government.

If a rally that is supposed to show that Australia has no confidence in the Government, in the nation’s capital, can only manage to find 300 odd people, surely that shows unprecedented levels of confidence in the Government.

It is great to see a protest movement that can all pose for a group photo without the need for a helicopter, or even a wide-angle lens….

Also. it was considerate that the convoy didn’t have any real impact on the city’s traffic. In fact, rumour has it they all got through in one change of the traffic lights…

Thoughtful also were the protesters themselves. Deliberately keeping the numbers down to ensure that everybody got a window seat on the buses to Canberra that 2GB had organised…

Thank you Alan, rally organisers, and thank you to the small group who thought it worth getting out of bed for. I can sleep soundly tonight, safe in the knowledge that Australia is full of confidence in the Gillard Government.

The only thing that disappointed me on the day, was seeing the News Ltd bean counter working his way around the protest, counting numbers for their next unbiased opinion poll…. - Australia & NZ's Largest Online Adultstore

  1. Doug Steley says:

    I read this
    I did not go to the rally

    one down 399 more to go 🙂

    • Wayne Brooks says:

      Nicely written, apart from the high profile complaints, from Jones Abbott and Joyce I was angry for a very simple reason. Lets assume the Libs werent contributing to a staged election campaign for just a second and cash for comment did not occur and this truly was simply a public demonstration by the common man feeling outrage.

      In such an event how lousy are the Libs sucking around to affiliate themselves with a minority wanting to express their views then completely oveshadowing the common folks worries for their own purposes.
      Im sure thats why Bob and Betty (fictional) drove all the way from Perth to be pushed aside by these selfish power hungy disgraces we call officials and public figures.
      Abbott and his flunkies, and I include Jones in that list simply gave Australia a very clear picture of the low and nasty depths they will stoop to in an effort to gain power they were denied. Good on ya Tony your a champion, keep up the good work Labor loves ya baby.

  2. Adrian says:

    the problem is that a lot of people (including myself to an extent) don’t understand climate change and the efforts to reduce it’s impact, but Alan Jones is dumb enough for people to understand. What amazes me is that those truck drivers have the time and money to drive their rigs around to protest but claim that the carbon tax will send them broke.

  3. Blah says:

    “Jacqueline was forced to flee in fear”. Ha! Dramatic much?

    Thinking that the turnout at the Convoy of No Confidence is indicative of Australia quite clearly having confidence in the Gillard Government, and unprecedented levels at that, is ridiculous.

    As a Labor voter, I have zero confidence in this government. I don’t listen to Jones and I didn’t attend the Convoy, but by jingy, I’ll be showing my levels of confidence at the next election. In fact, I can’t bloody wait.

    • wixxy says:

      According to Jacquelines comments when interviewed later, that is exactly why she fled, true or not, that was her statement.
      My point about unprecedented levels of support was a little tongue in cheek, but clearly even die hard Liberal voters couldn’t be arsed going to the rally. 300 protesters is a joke, more people show up to watch the local under 12’s team play soccer on a Saturday morning where I’m from.
      What I can’t wait for, is to actually have some debate on the coaltions excuses for policies, then we will see who has confidence in them.
      If you want to read an interesting blog on the Carbon Tax scare campaign, here is a link to a good one, excusr the langauge though
      Thanks for your feedback though, I appreciate all feedback, no matter what team you barrack for, and never remove a comment unless it may cause others offense.

  4. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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