The Hokey Pokey

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Politics

Let me start out by saying that mental illness is not something to take lightly. I do not think a person should be sacked for suffering mental illnesses such as depression, or bi-polar disorder.

However, what I do find not just disturbing, but morally repugnant, is using a mental illness as an excuse for bad behaviour, when someone has no such illness. This is a mockery of those who are truly suffering. In fact, I would like to see those who fake a condition have their penalties, or sentences doubled, just for being an asshole about it.

Let’s take Andrew Robb for instance, a man who openly admits to suffering from depression. Andrew is of course a front bencher for the Federal Liberal Party, and by all accounts is a decent bloke. Other than a bad choice in political parties, and a bit of dicey mathematics, I can’t say he’s ever done anything wrong that I know of.

In fact, if I wore a hat, I’d take it off to Andrew Robb, as much as I like to put crap on him, I admire him for having the guts to be open on this topic. I hope that in his coming forward, others may be motivated to seek help. His issues do not seem to affect his work, and in fact may even assist in setting up policies for mental health services in this country. Andrew Robb, has also not used his condition as an excuse for criminal conduct.

On the flip side, are scumbags like Chris Smith from 2GB. He is the type of guy no woman wants to work around. He was suspended from 2GB after getting drunk and groping female staff members. No charges were laid, but the suspension came after staff complaints. Sure Chris was remorseful, nobody would like to have to go home to their wife, and then have to explain that they were suspended for what was basically sexually assaulting female colleagues. This wasn’t even the first time he’d done this…. But it didn’t take long for Chris to use bi-polar disorder as an excuse, and what really make me angry, is he got away with it.

Another Liberal MP, for whom I have far less admiration, Mary Jo Fisher, has now claimed she suffers from depression. Fisher does this not to shine a light on mental health issues, not to encourage others to seek help, but as a convenient excuse to get off a couple of crimes.

Here is the clip of what Fisher is best known for, doing the “Hokey Pokey” and the “Time Warp” in the Senate.

But now Fisher wants us to believe that the “madness” has taken its toll.

Fisher will be doing the dance of a defendant come September 1 when she stands before a judge on 2 charges, shoplifting, and assault.

Fisher is charged with having stolen $92.92 worth of groceries from Frewville Foodland supermarket last year. Apparently Fisher doesn’t think we pay her enough, she has to steal to make ends meet…. Not content to just being a thief, when approached by a store security guard, she decided to assault the guard for good measure.

This is not what we strive for in our politicians I’m sorry. This is less than we expect even from a Liberal MP. A fine display of lack of respect for authority, and a lack of respect for other people’s property indeed.

It is ironic that she is best known for her “Hokey Pokey” joke about the impact of a Carbon Tax on everyday living, I think you will find that the costs arising from shoplifting have a rather large influence on grocery prices, as does the obvious need for additional security when Liberal MP’s are around.

Anyway Fisher, time to ‘fess up, enough of your crap excuses, nobody believes your “mixed up medication” story. If this was a Labor MP, you would be tearing into them.

I do however have a request. Seeing as though you like to sing and dance, I was kind of hoping you could perform this one in court, it may be more appropriate considering….

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks for your detailed feedback Wozz, you clearly have an in depth knowledge of the issues surrounding mental illness and criminal behaviour, and I am so glad that you would share your vast knowledge with us poor plebs.
      Your views have enlightened me, and made me see some elements of the case from a totally different perspective.
      Thank you for blessing us with your expert opinion, I am humbled by your presense.
      P.S. I’m not from, or even a member of a Union

  1. Jaeger says:

    No doubt Fisher will be wheeled into court attached to a ventilator (or the machine that goes “ping!”) as is the current fashion to try and escape justice… (I blame Christopher Skaife, but I doubt he was the first to pull a legal hamstring.)

  2. Wozz_In-Oz,
    More egregious Righty Capitalist claptrap from a camp follower attempting to cover Mary Jo’s skinny backsdie for her. It appears there’s a lot of money that goes around the Rightard Think Tanks and employs Rightard Trolls like you to put out fires in blogs like this. Gutless and pathetic IMHO that you lot can’t even take your medicine from Laura Norder, who you mouth platitudes about respecting every 2 ups.

  3. […] actually charged with theft and assault seem to be OK though. Abbott was happy for Liberal MP Mary Jo Fisher to vote whilst up on multiple charges after shoplifting and attacking a security guard. Mary Jo […]

  4. […] actually charged with theft and assault seem to be OK though. Abbott was happy for Liberal MP Mary Jo Fisher to vote whilst up on multiple charges after shoplifting and attacking a security guard. Mary Jo […]

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