Don’t Bring Me Down

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Politics

I don’t know if this country has ever seen anything like the utter contempt towards the Australian people, by a leader of a once respectable political party, we are seeing currently.

Politicians are elected to look after the needs of their electorate, and to try to make the country a better place for everyone. They may make mistakes along the way, but as long as they are at least trying to improve things, for the most part, we are happy.

Tony Abbott however, is misguided in his role as opposition leader. The role of opposition leader is to provide a credible alternative, in both party, and policy.

The job of the opposition is to hold the government to account when needed. Not hold the country to ransom.

Abbott’s course of action is to block everything he possibly can, what he can’t block he will wreck, smash, or demolish. His theory is that the harder it is, and the worse it sounds, the more likely you will vote for him next election.

In order for Abbott to achieve this, his front bench has had to become the Ministry Of Propaganda. They are constantly invoking fear, telling lies as big as planets, and spreading misinformation, via any means possible, most certainly aided by some sections of the media.

Take the economy for instance. The country has a debt, yes, however that debt is the equivalent of a $6,000 credit card for someone who earns $100,000 a year. Nobody likes debt, and yes we’d rather not have it, but it is hardly excessive. If going into a bit of debt in order to improve your life was such a bad thing, none of us would have credit cards, and most of us would never own a house. We will be out of debt in two years, and we avoided a recession, good job I say.

The other day Joe Hockey and Warren Truss both compared our economy to that of Greece. Greece as you may be aware, has the worst performing economy in the world at the moment, we have one of the best. Greece is on the brink of causing a financial meltdown of Europe, we are the financial envy of the world. To compare us with Greece is not only misleading, it is flat-out irresponsible.

The reason that Abbott and the opposition are targeting the economy, and in particular the pricing of carbon, is that it scares people into not spending money. When people are not spending money the economy slows down.

In order for Abbott to ensure you vote for him, he needs to make sure you are angry at the current government. The angrier the public, the more coalition seats next time around.

What is scary to me, and should scare you, are the lengths this desperate man will go to in order to achieve his goal. How many of those he is supposed to be serving, is he willing to sacrifice to gain power? Victory at any cost.

To ensure your vote, this is what Abbott wants for you:
He would like to see you unemployed, he would like to see you and your family evicted because you can’t pay your mortgage, he would be ecstatic if you couldn’t afford to feed your family and had to seek help from a charity, and if one of your children needed to go to hospital and there were no beds available, he would be doing cartwheels through the corridors of Parliament House. The more misery for you, the bigger the smile on Abbott’s face.

The more tears of hardship Australians shed, the more votes the Coalition gain.

If you work in an industry that involves sales of any type, be it the sale of a product, or a service. In fact virtually any industry that involves someone paying any money to your company. If you are in one of these industries, and you are even considering supporting Abbott and the Coalition, then I’m sorry, you are a bloody idiot. You should not support someone who is trying to destroy your way of life, and rob you of your means to support your family.

If Abbott wants to destroy this country, maybe he should be sent to a detention facility in Nauru. One thing is for sure, I won’t vote for a man, or a party, that would put its own interests ahead of those of the country, and all its citizens.

I am also wondering if Alan Jones has a Chaff Bag big enough to fit the entire coalition front bench in…

  1. kabdoo says:

    Exactly the same tactics as the GOP in the US. Talk down the economy to get yourself elected, despite the damage to the very people who you have scared into voting for you. Shameful but not all too surprising.

    Oh and thanks for putting a song I actually like into my head.

    You know, one of the world’s great unanswered questions is: Does Jeff Lynne say “Grrruce” or “Brrruce” in the chorus? If it’s the former, what on earth is a gruce? But I digress…

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