When The Going Gets Tough…

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Politics

I just want to start this by protecting myself from ridicule.

The title of this post is in no way, shape, or form a reference to a Billy Ocean song. I know many of my posts have a musical reference in their title, and if you really feel the need for one on this occasion, you could look to the Heavy Metal band Raven, who had a song of the same title… So there. Back covered…..

There are many in our community who believe in all sorts of odd things, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, The Abominable Snowman, god, anything that comes out the mouths of Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt…. the list of oddities goes on. However, there is one lie that is doing the rounds that we really don’t want people to believe. It is being pushed by people such as the 2 least believable in few I mentioned, Jones and Bolt. The lie I’m referring to is that the Labor Party is dying, and is irrelevant.

So, let’s have a look at the facts shall we?

In the Australian House Of Representatives, the party numbers are as follows:

Australian Green Party: 1 Member

Australian Labor Party: 72 Members, including the Prime Minister

Independent Members: 4 Members

Country Liberal Party: 1 Member

Liberal Party Of Australia: 60 Members

The Nationals: 11 Members

Western Australian Nationals: 1 Member

Firstly, the Country Liberals, and WA National are separate parties to the major parties with similar names.

A couple of things to note about just how “irrelevant” the Labor Party is. Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is from the Labor Party, and the Labor Party has by far the most elected members, making them by far the most popular party in Australia. These things are pretty obvious.

It gets interesting though, when you consider, that if the Liberal Party were to increase their number of seats by a whopping 19%, they would still have less seats than Labor. It is also interesting to note that for the Liberal Party to even come close to gaining power, there had to be a Coalition of 4 Parties combined, all with different agenda’s and policies.

This Coalition, or motley crew, even with the 4 parties combined votes, had to hope that the independents would back them to gain power. Luckily, aside from a large hat with a man standing under it, commonsense prevailed.

So I guess if you look at the numbers, not the polls, they speak for themselves. I know that there are people with tin foil hats like Barnaby Joyce, and people who can’t add, like Joe Hockey, who will say that mathematics is a myth, and gravity is a force invented by the Labor Party to hold us down. But most of us believe in maths and understand logic.

As for dying, in the movies, when a character is about to be killed, 9 times out of 10, their final words are “No, No, No, Noooo…”

Who seems to be always saying “No” constantly these days? And which party is often referred to as the “Party Of No”? Hmmm, dying words perhaps?

The Labor Party on the other hand is pushing through some tough reforms, they may not always be popular initially, but they are necessary for the good of our country and for future generations.

Unlike the Liberal Party, Labor has policies we stick to, they may be adjusted over time, but in principle, our policies remain the same.

For people to say that we are under the thumb of the Greens for putting a price on Carbon is absurd. The Labor Party has always had strong environmental policy, and has been pushing to cut pollution since last century.

The Liberal Party policies and theories change depending on whether they are in power or not, and depending on whom they are speaking to. If you are a journalist or a scientist, for instance,Tony Abbott will sing songs of praise about his Direct Action Policy on Carbon Reduction. If you are a farmer though, he will tell you climate change is crap.

Take Carbon Soil Capture for instance. Carbon Soil Capture is a huge part of The Liberal Parties Direct Action Policy. Recently though, it was discovered that the benefits of Carbon Soil Capture was drastically over estimated, leaving a gaping hole in the policy’s figures. Has the policy been amended to reflect this? Absolutely not, probably because nobody really thinks Mr Abbott believed in the science in the first place.

Last night on the news, Julia Gillard was announcing major health reforms, something the public has been crying out for decades about. Labor, via Kevin Rudd initially, and finalised by Julia Gillard, have done the hard yards, achieved support from each state (including several Liberal Premiers) and are now delivering a better health system for all.

I had to laugh when the best the Federal Liberal Party could manage to counteract this, was to roll out a smirking Julie Bishop, so she could tell us that Julia Gillard had given too much money to the hospitals. Too much money to the hospitals??? WTF?? I can only assume that if the Liberals gain power they will take this money back from the hospitals, and give it to big polluters as they have promised. I mean, geez, why would you want to give too much money to hospitals….

The attack on Labor’s “Faceless Men” is laughable. Both the Labor and Liberal Parties have factions, we are just more open about it. The Liberals also have their own “Faceless Men”, the main difference is, our “Faceless Men”, such as Paul Howes, and Bill Shorten, have faces everybody knows and recognises, the Liberal Parties, are truly faceless…. ironic.

If the Liberal Part is opposite to Labor, as they say they are, I guess that means when they say “Labor is becoming irrelevant”, that would mean The Liberal Party is starting to become relevant… I don’t see that at all I’m sorry. I think they are as irrelevant now as they were in 2007, when Liberal Poster Boy, John Howard, became the only sitting Prime Minister in Australia’s history, to lose his seat in an election since 1929.

Or if the Labor Party is dying, does that mean the Liberal Party is coming to life? And if so, does that mean it was just another thing that was “Dead, Buried, Cremated” coming back to haunt us?

People, now is not the time to be sucked in by the propaganda from the shock jocks, and News Ltd. This is the time when we should be standing up for what we believe in. Don’t sit around moping, get active, join the party, or if you’re already a member, recruit some new ones.

The Labor Party is making a positive difference.

Next time you hear someone babbling on about how bad the Labor is going, remember this old saying, “an empty vessel rattles the most”. Or ask yourself this.”What is it that they are they afraid of?”

I can tell you two things for sure:

1. I’m a member of the greatest political party in Australia

2. I’m damn proud of it

If you like this post, please repost it.

Oh, and apologies if you now have Billy Ocean stuck in your head…

  1. kabdoo says:

    Wixxy, I initially found your post confronting, but later I realised it’s because I’v become conditioned to only expect bad news and criticism of the Labor Party. I used to be a flag waving Labor Supporter, as my dad was. My background is working class and that is where Labor used to reign supreme. Unfortunately, the liberal’s move towards the right over the last 15 years left a void in the centre-right that Labor has decided to move into.

    I understand why Labor has moved to the centre-right and I think it’s a matter of being realistic about the compromises needed to stay in a position to have a material influence on Australia and keep to your principles at the same time. It’s a difficult thing to balance and I don’t envy the Labor leadership. They have it very tough. I have often wondered whether Peter Garrett “sold out” or “got real” when he joined the political machine. As I get older and wiser I’m starting to think he just got real and that may be the only way to actually get something done.

    I was quite raw over Kevin Rudd’s dumping and I held a grudge against Julia Gillard and the people who facilitated the coup. Now I see that she has proven herself as a leader in her own right, with her stance on the Carbon Tax, she may have won me over. This country needs vision and leadership, not follow-me pole-driven populism.

    About 10 years ago I briefly joined the Democrats, thinking we could make a change but they just didn’t survive. Maybe because they failed to balance their idealism with realism. Or maybe because when you get to a certain size in Australian politics, factions become an unavoidable necessity to ensure stability and survival.

    I’m not 100% convinced but I’m coming around and your post has helped me do that. Thanks.

    • kabdoo says:

      Oh and yes Billy Ocean is stuck in my head and you’re to blame 🙂

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks for that feedback, and you are 100% right, it’s all about balance. Often you have to give a little to gain a lot.
      I think that when you consider the position she is in with parliamentary numbers, and the fact it only takes 1 bi-election before Abbott may be able to call a general election, taking that into account, Julia Gillard has remarkable guts to try and push through tough reforms, rather than just treat the next 3 years as a popularity contest. It shows she puts the countries interests before her own.

      • kabdoo says:

        I’m constantly having the argument with my workmates about whether the government is there lead the people or follow them. I don’t think it’s completely one or the other. It really depends on the situation and the issue. What should be constant, however, is that the government should be focussed on what is good for the country (in every way, not just economically).

        The majority aren’t always right. Sometimes they are unduly influenced by a minority who often don’t have the country’s interests at heart.

  2. Felicity says:

    Despite our relationship I am always honest sometimes too honest but I hotta say you nail it most of the time and this is no exception. Well written, witty and worthy. Proud of you.

  3. Gavs says:

    The writer forgets Labor is made up of many factions it’s self and has had to rely on deals with greens and independents. Most people don’t want Labor. Let’s see how his maths are after next election. WA gone, NSW gone, Vic gone , Qld gone. They are in death throws and rightfully so.

    • wixxy says:

      Agreed, however Libs have to make deals with other parties also, most notably Nationals. Most may not want Labor, but less want Lib’s….
      As for current polling, if Tony Abbott can pick up that much in a year, the PM can get it back in 2.
      As for your states that are gone, nobody is real happy since the Libs got in in those states, there will be a big swing back next time.
      In NSW, we relaint on the deals Barry O’Fail is doing with Christian Democrats, and the Shooters & Fishers, is that the type of deals you were saying Labor had to rely on???

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