History Never Repeats

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Politics, World News and Events

Everything moves in swings and roundabouts it would seem…. and here we have history repeating, again.

Arming Saddam to kill Iranians seemed like a good idea at the time. I can also remember back when those lovely blokes from Al Qaeda were driving those nasty Russians from Afghanistan, the West armed them to the teeth for their trouble. Then we armed The Northern Alliance to rid us of Al Qaeda, although that didn’t work out so well. Now The Northern Alliance is on the nose, we are still fighting Al Qaeda, and we are starting negotiations with The Taliban…. I’m sorry, but did any of our Western leaders attend a school, study history, or have any education whatsoever?? The mind boggles…

Meanwhile, in a land not that far away from our other troubles, we have Gaddafi, remember him? He was that one shooting down, and hijacking passenger planes, but alas, we forgot about him 15 or 20 years ago.

Well, he’s back again, trashing his own country and murdering thousands along the way… There are however, some rebel forces standing up against him and fighting back, which is a good thing, right? We should arm and train these rebels, give them as much support as we can, right?

Think again.

Libya hasn’t really had that much attention of late, due to Barrack Obama struggling to find the funds to pay the countries Amex bill. Poor Barrack, he now has to try to negotiate with those idiot Republicans that put the country’s finances in the crapper to start with….

However, while the world’s media is focused elsewhere, there is a brutal massacre taking place in Libya, and not from the side you would be expecting it from.

It seems that the rebels that the West is arming, training, and supporting with air strikes, don’t like a certain group of people. These people are easy to distinguish, because, surprise, surprise, they are black.

When I say, don’t like, I’m not talking harsh words and finger-pointing, I’m talking lynching’s, beheadings, executions, severe bashings, and torture.

In the city of Misrata, the entire black population has been killed or cleared out of the city by the rebels. Next on the list, a small town about 25 miles south called Tawergha. Once again, it would seem like the west is just replacing one problem with another. Also once again, it seems like we are arming and training the problem.

I am not for a minute suggesting that we let our old friend Gaddafi off the hook, far from it. I do however think that maybe we should put a bit of effort into ensuring civilian casualties are kept to an absolute minimum. And also ensure ourselves we are not just arming, and training a future dictator’s army.

The excuse being used for this racism, is that Gaddafi’s forces have been using mercenary fighters from Africa to kill rebel insurgents. These mercenary’s are raping and pillaging their way across the country and leaving a trail of death and destruction behind them. These mercenary’s are black. Therefore, all blacks are being seen as mercenaries by the rebels we are supporting. It is the same logic that sees all us white men aged from 30-70 mistaken for Santa Claus every year at Xmas.

Now, I don’t claim to be any sort of expert on mercenary fighters, I am after all, a mere climate scientist…. but I’m quietly confident they would look somewhat like this:

Not like this poor bloke.


Or this pair of dangerous looking people.

Surely if the West is training, providing weapons, and performing air strikes, for these rebels, we have some bargaining power. I would not have thought it was too much to ask for them to stop killing and torturing poor black immigrants whose only crime was to be born black, and whose biggest mistake was to move to Libya to try to work as a labourer and make a better life for their family. Is that really such a big deal?

If this is not possible, can we not send in some United Nations peace keepers to give these people safe passage out of the region? Would we do it if they were white missionaries? You bet your ass we would…

So, what can you do?

That is a question I have asked myself, and here is the best I can come up with, and please, if anyone has a better idea, let’s not keep it a secret…

Unless you have a large, armed, peace keeping force at your disposal, I would suggest doing what I am doing. Spreading the word. You can send the link to this blog out to people you know, do some research and write a blog yourself. Send out tweets. Post info on Facebook, if you are keen, send a letter to your Federal Member, or to any member of the media you may know, you could even call talk back radio…

In the meantime, here is a link where you can go to send an email to the UN Peacekeeping Department. http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/about/contact.asp

We just need to make the world aware of this, the last thing we want to see is another Rwanda, and that seems to be where this is headed.

We need to send out a message to anyone who will listen, that racism, in all it’s forms, is ugly, and there is never any excuse for it. Never.

I have put a couple of video links below, please be aware, they contain graphic images, and will disturb those of you with a conscience.




  1. Steven says:

    Thank you for being a true voice of freedom for people hidden from the mainstream view. You are a legend.

  2. Makes you wonder whether humanity is making any progress at all, or just going stupidly round and round in circles. In the words of Edmund Burke, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it” – while those of us not directly involved look on in frustration.

  3. Felicity says:

    Let’s hope we never see another Rwanda. I’m proud you care enough to spend time researching this devastating situation. I, for one, was totally ignorant of the situation. Let’s hope your call is heard by the UN.

  4. Mathaba are regularly reporting on the non-mainstream news from Libya, which seems to be consistent with the word I’m getting from my people on the ground there. http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=627780

  5. Steven says:

    Thanks Ian, I had not seen that yet.. Everyone needs to research the role GOLD played in this current war on Libya. 😉

  6. Steven says:

    We all know that mainstream journos are desperate for stories.. I challenge any ABC, New LTD or fairfax hacks reading Wixxy’s work ( looking for clues on how to be a credible journo no doubt) to defy their obvious muzzles on this issue and at least TRY to get this story told. ABC and BBC are finally exposed as being no better than Murdochs rags… Why is our news censored? What else do they leave out? Funny how Jones and Bolt can be bastions of unpopular but possibly credible ideas (to some, not getting into that here) only when it suits The Liberal Party and the Mining Companies? But would they speak out on people getting murdered for being black?? No..The news media are all whores, just like John Swinton said, all those years ago. 😉

  7. kabdoo says:

    It’s kinda like bringing in cane toads to get rid of beatles.

    Thanks, Wixxy. I wasn’t aware of this and will now look into it further.

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