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Posted: July 29, 2011 in Dummy Spits, Politics

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Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last month you would have seen the saga that is still being played out in England. The saga I refer to is the disgusting mess surrounding the News Of The World, News International, and News Corp.

The News Of The World is part of the News International stable of Newspapers and other media interests in the UK. News International is the UK division of News Corp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

In Australia, Rupert Murdoch owns and runs News Ltd, which is News Internationals sister company down under.

News Ltd owns several leading newspapers in Australia, and also cable and satellite TV stations including Sky News. They also own a massive chunk of the NRL, as well as a few of the teams in the NRL. One of those teams is that shining light of fair play, and respecting the rules, the Melbourne Storm. I don’t really think I need to go into the details of

If you relied on News Ltd sources to keep you up to date on developments in the UK, you had to be patient. Even when the goings on of their sister company were reported on, it is fair to say you had to look hard to find it, most of the time.

I’m not looking to rehash all of the details of the case against News Corp, I think we can all agree that the behaviour of the journalists, editors, and management was totally reprehensible. As if hacking a murdered child’s mobile phone wasn’t bad enough, along with tapping the victims of terrorism, and killed military servicemen’s families phones, allegations have even emerged that the then PM Gordon Browns bank accounts were hacked, as well as the medical records of Brown’s critically ill 4-year-old son.

The hacking of the Brown families details were alleged to have been performed by staff of The Sun, not News Of The World. The Sun though, is of course another News International publication.

What interests me, is the similarities in Australia to what happened in the UK, and some of the events that have happened here.

In the UK, it was widely known that News International publications were favouring the Conservative Party is their recent election. Current British PM David Cameron even had Andy Coulson , the ex News Of The World editor, as his media advisor, until his resignation due to this scandal, which he was later arrested for.

In Australia, News Ltd publications also shamelessly favoured the Liberal Party. After all, the Libs were the party that was going to demolish the National Broadband Network, high-speed internet is of course the thing that was demolishing newspaper advertising, and as Internet TV becomes more available, will demolish Cable and Satellite television. Demolishing News Ltd’s profits basically.

In the UK, News International tapped the phones of Labor Party politicians, and used the information to help sway public opinion against them. This is not theory anymore, this is evidence.

During our Federal campaign, there were an awful lot of leaks coming from the Labor Party. The leaker was never found, although the News Ltd press pointed the finger at Rudd, looking back now that seems highly unlikely. So where was the leak?? Funny thing about leaks, they are often from taps, if you catch my drift….

I am not making an accusation here, just merely raising a possibility.

So now there are calls for an enquiry into the media, and media ownership over here, and about bloody time. The News Ltd journo’s are coming out saying that any investigation into News Ltd is an insult, and highly offensive and inflammatory. Oddly enough the first person to launch an investigation was News Ltd CEO John Hartigan. I feel better knowing that all those insulted News Ltd journo’s would have aimed their abuse at their own CEO after he announced his own deeply offensive, and highly inflammatory internal investigation.

For months News Ltd journo’s have told us they don’t display any bias, they just reflect the public opinion.

This reminds me a little of the old argument about the effect on children of violence on TV. The question is often asked of this is, “is TV the reflector or the director?”The same can be asked of journalism in our newspapers.

Yes, a newspaper will reflect public opinion somewhat. Much of the public’s opinion however is based on what they read, and when they read biased accounts of the news, or the opinions of a journalist on an issue, their views will be tainted by that. Many don’t make it home for the 6pm news, what they know of the news comes from reading the paper on the train.

During the UK Parliamentary Committee hearings into News Corp, Rupert Murdoch himself showed how honest News Ltd are being with us in Australia. Murdoch stated that they, News Corp, do not accept money for political bias, they do, however, choose a side and back that side, and do whatever they can to see their chosen side win. Guess that clears that up then…

This isn’t a new question, it has been asked for decades. The below cartoon is a blast from the past that shows this.

So, let’s hope there will be an inquiry into the media here. What is there to hide, and if nothing, then what harm can come of it?

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  1. Jason says:

    Well written story Wixxy. Glad to see there is actual reporting of the real news out there. It is extraordinary that ‘agenda journalism’ has been aloowed to flourish unchecked. Interesting that it was only P Keating who had the nous to fight off the media ownership struggles in his day. No one else comes close to having the foresight to manage corporate monopolising of our news.

    • wixxy says:

      Thanks Jason,
      You are right, Keating certainly did his part and it ha gone pear shaped from there, lets hope with the light on it now that something happens…
      I could be wrong, but from memory I think Whitlam did a bit as well….

  2. Adam says:

    Well done wixxy, the sorry state of ethics in journalism needs to be exposed for all to see and understand.

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