Posted: June 22, 2011 in Politics

Those of you who have been watching Go Back To Where You Came From on SBS, have likely been quite overwhelmed by what they have seen so far, and are anxious, nervous, but still eager to see what happens next.
There has been a lot of negativity though from viewers that I have seen.

All over Twitter, and Facebook people are already forming the opinion that this show will make no difference. This view comes from, the probable fact, that most people watching it, are already of the opinion that we need a more humane way of dealing with this crisis. That the show is “preaching to the converted”.

Well, if that is the case, why do these people bother getting up in the morning?What a defeatist attitude.

This show will only be as effective as what we make it. It is us that need to make sure that it makes a difference.

Do something, write a blog, talk to your work colleagues and friends, you don’t need to lecture them, just talk about the issue. Write a letter to your paper, call talkback radio, email your MP, get on twitter and Facebook, just do something, it is up to you…

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to go back to far to remember the effect of the 4 Corners programme.

The fallout from that episode of 4 Corners is still happening today. Currently we have suspended Live Export trade, and we have a Minister for Agriculture inspecting abattoirs in Indonesia.

Believe me, this is not because 4 Corners rated extremely well. Millions of Gen Y’ers were not sitting at home watching the ABC.

The reason this had such an impact was due to people power. People talked about it for days after it aired, people supported the online campaign that followed the program. We just need to do the same.

To those who say people care more for animals than other people, consider this theory.

I think that it may appear that way at times, but it is not actually true. People, I think care for the helpless, the defenceless. That is why people seem to show more concern for animals. There is a feeling that people are more capable of looking after themselves than animals, the exception probably being babies.

I believe that once people see the total helplessness of some of these asylum seekers due to the situations they have been forced to endure, then we will see the more humane side of people come out. As people realise how defenceless and desperate these people truly are.

Am I living in La La Land?Maybe, but where there is light there is hope.

Anyway, balls in your court…. Discuss

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  1. “I believe that once people see the total helplessness” I have to agree here, this challenging of peoples beliefs and the effect that it had on them could be seen in the first episode of Go Back. I think the difficulty will be in getting people to engage enough to become aware of the situations that asylum seekers are going through. I’ve talked to friends about refugees and they simply do not want to hear about it, even when they do engage some people will still reject it. Take Raquel for instance, she is being forced, quite literally, to engage in these situations and is still refusing to accept them because its easier not to. Its easier to believe in our preconceived notions about things and many people when forced to face the reality simply reject it.

    Please don’t mistake this as being defeatist, I truely believe we can make a difference but I think we should all be willing to accept that some people will still have the views of “boat people” being terrible people (among other things). If you come across these people who won’t listen or engage then perhaps it is better to move on to someone who will. Try not to get stuck down arguing with someone who is never going to catch their mind, this is all to easy to do if your like me!

    Lets focus our efforts on the people like Adam and Raye from the show, you should be able to tell if someone is going to be like Raquel after a bit!

  2. Take some action. It’s quick and easy.

    UNHCR is the deal maker and deal breaker in the Malaysia Solution – The decision will be made in days.
    EMAIL the High Commissioner Antonio Guterres at guterres@unhcr.org
    He is reading his emails.
    Tell him why the UNHCR must not broker this deal.

    3 or 4 lines will do- don’t make it long but make it many- tell your friends.

    Read more here

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