Watch This Tonight

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Tonight we get the chance to see what reality TV is actually capable of.

I’m not talking about some C grade celebrities trying to dance, or some idiots serving up pre-prepared cold meals to judges…. I mean something that may actually make a difference to lives, not just sell the sponsoring product.

Tonight SBS is showing the first of 3 episodes of “Go Back To Where You Came From”. The show is on tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday night at 8.30pm.

The show takes 6 ordinary Australians and sends them on the trip of a lifetime. The asylum seekers trip in reverse. Ordinary people in the most harrowing of situations.

If the hype is to be believed, I am sure it will be quite eye opening, and I hope politicians on both sides of the fence are watching.

With a bit of luck, we may see a public outcry similar to what we witnessed after the 4 Corners Live Export episode. My gut feel is we will not see good policy on this issue until the public screams for it, and we have bi partisan agreement.

Below is a preview.

Also, please remember if you are buying anything online to check the Charity Shop via the link below. It is not like Vinnies, and when purchases are made via the site, the companies donate to charity. There are stores like Dick Smith, Vodafone, Flight Centre, even iTunes if you are buying music.

Charity Shop

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