The Resurrected Past

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Dummy Spits, Politics

Dead. Buried. Cremated.

Pretty strong words. If someone was to use those words, I’d be pretty sure they were being adamant.

However, if these words are coming from a member of the Liberal Party, they take on a whole new meaning.

Maybe it’s down to the rapid takeover of the Liberal Party by the extreme religious right. I mean this is a group of crazies who love the idea of a resurrection of any sort. These are the sort of people who believe that they know better than all of us.

The resurrection I’m referring to, of something that is dead, buried and cremated, is of course Workchoices. Here’s Tony Abbott explaining how dead, buried, and cremated Workchoices is, he uses the phrase so often, he comes off like a broken record.

Anyway, this week in NSW Parliament, we are witnessing a miracle. The Workchoices policy that Mr Abbott, the leader of the Liberal Party told us was dead, buried, and cremated, has risen from the grave. It must be a bona fide miracle, because Fred Nile and the Christian Democrats are backing it, and they are not easily led….hmmm

But I am wondering if indeed this is a miracle of biblical standards, or maybe just a version of Tony Abbott’s “Gospel Truth”, as explained to Kerry O’Brien

Whatever the reason behind it, Workchoices is making a comeback. Barry O’Farrell says he has a mandate, well not on this issue he didn’t. In fact Even Tony Abbott acknowledged that there was a “mandate” back in 2007 that Workchoices was not wanted by Australians, hence all the dead, buried, and cremated lies.

The last time I looked at an atlas Barry, NSW was still part of Australia. We don’t want Workchoices back now, as much as we didn’t in 2007. Never forget Barry, the Liberal Party didn’t win the election in March, Labor lost it.

The press once again have been caught napping on this issue, or is it just that they don’t like to admit they backed the wrong horse?

Whatever the reason, we have two weeks until parliament sits again. Two weeks to show this sad excuse for a government, that when we said we didn’t want Workchoices, we meant it. Two weeks for you to let your local member know that this is something you feel strongly about.

There have been some heroic efforts in parliament this week by your elected Labor MP’s, and some Green MP’s. These efforts have resulted in us having a two week window of opportunity to let the NSW govt know we don’t want Workchoices, and two weeks to let Tony Abbott know that we are sick of his lies and broken promises.

If you want to know what you can do, I will let John Robertson explain:

In addition to this, get people together, rally outside your MP’s office, write to papers, call talkback radio stations, just get
active. Also please sign the partition at the below link.

In closing, I would like to say something to all those who thought that we were crazy to think that the Liberal Party would try to bring Workchoices back. To those who thought we were mad to say that Tony Abbott was capable of telling a lie this big. And to those who thought it was all Labor Party spin, and part of a fear campaign to keep bringing it up. I will leave to my Swedish friends to say it for me, in the form of a song.

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