Teds Time Warp

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Dummy Spits, Politics

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People can say whatever they like about me, and my
political persuasions. I do however believe in giving credit where credit is

For that reason I would like to congratulate Ted
Baillieu, and the Liberal Party in Victoria, for their truly remarkable efforts
in having legislation put forward, to be seriously discussed, that will set
equal rights back a hundred years. This is something many a religious
fundamentalist, sexist, and bigot has tried to achieve over the years. To Ted
and the Libs, a big pat on the back, you have succeeded where others have
failed. With a bit of luck, your legislation will go through, and Victorians
can hold their head high, and proudly say that when it comes to equality, and
opposing discrimination, Victoria is right up there with say…The Taliban.

 This isn’t some radical nutjob priest in Uganda either, this is a major
Australian political party, in a major state.

 It will be brilliant. We can base who is hired and fired on sex, sexual
persuasion, religion, political views, even marital status. And the Commission
that would normally nail us for even considering this type of behaviour, Ted
and his Libs are going to take away their power. This is going to be so cool,
it will be like having Beavis and Butthead in charge.

 How awesome would it be to run an office down there? I’d employ only page
3 girls. But of course only if they weren’t gay, weren’t believers of a
religion I didn’t like, and obviously, only if they voted Liberal. I wouldn’t
want them voting for a party that might give The Victorian Equal Opportunity and
Human Rights Commission, any of their powers back.

If any of these girls even look like they might get themselves pregnant, I’d sack
them straight away. Then they could go and clean up their house and cook dinner
like women are supposed to do.

 Ted, I admire your courage. If any politician in Europe tried to bring this in,
there would be overturned police cars burning in the streets, bottles thrown,
tear gas used, there would be riots all over the place.

 Ted, your foresight in knowing when to catch the state napping is commendable. I
would have thought the press, and certainly the women who have fought so hard
for equal rights for decades, would be baying for your blood. Your Gestapo
advisors have done a great job in advising when you can sneak this through

 Ted, could you, or someone from your party, please advise the other states how you
managed this. I know Queenslanders won’t listen, they have a Labor government,
and a woman as premier…. But if you could let the others know, it would be
great to get back to the old days when it was all men in the board of directors
chairs, and the best a woman could hope for was a head waitress role. Or maybe
just to be seen as a token female, like say, Julie Bishop, best not heard.

 I want the whole country to resemble a scene from the Stepford Wives.

 Actually Ted, on second thoughts…. Screw you, I’m moving to Queensland.

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  1. wixxy says:

    Good News people, Teds ridiculous legislation was voted down today…

  2. What a wonderfully snarky post. 🙂

    It is an absolute disgrace. I think Baillieu wants to out-Kennett Kennett.

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